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Miss Universe files for bankrupcy. The pageant with the guy in will still happen though. Law enforcement Texas Rangers investigating Lina Hildago. We can all agree that Joe Biden has cancelled the black vote. Jill Stein is running for president. Well there is plenty of idiots here to give her money. I have a big chest so I get to do videos of shooting guns. Can that Hamas girl con as much money from idiots as that Greta girl? Another one of the murdered civilian girls in Israel. It makes you cry in seeing the support for Israel coming out of New York. Rate the babeliciousness of Ivanka at the trial. Coffee shop says it was thankful for the volunteers to serve the 15K amount of customers. Hamas uses fake ambulances. And the gas that should be used for real ambulance use. Hamas declares permanent war with Israel. Here is some good news,150,000 Israelis apply for gun permits. Colin Allred sends 1 million in taxp money to Dallas group that teaches youth that the US are white supremacist 30 yr McDonalds closes because out front is nothing but people living on the sidewalk. Coffee shop gets customers around the block in support after workers quit because he is Jewish. Biden to improve Amtrak because he is going to force more people to ride it. Brown people tell Shelia Jackson Lee to go away. Well let me go ahead and with the talk because it won't stop the migrants.