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Thanks for that. I watched the film on the Horror Channel which doesn't have subtitling, well not on Freesat anyway. It's very annoying. I watched this last night and had to rewind and slow mo forward that part. It was a wasted effect, far too fast for any impact (see what I did there :D ) I think the driver was just supposed to look very surprised. I gave it a 7, I like this kind of film. I was probably a bit generous though after watching an hour of Mandy (Nicolas Cage) which was too surreal for me. Although I rewound the end of ' Witches' several times, I couldn't make out the last sentence of the film where the girl was talking to the cop. I feel I may have missed out. Wow, well done Idlefrog. Have just seen a clip on Youtube and I am sure that you are right. I was so far out with the year though, how did that happen!! Looks like I will have trouble finding a copy of the DVD,but at least I know what I am looking for now. Thanks again, you're my hero of the day :) View all replies >