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So, anyone here changed their minds about this film since its release? (OT) Newbie question. Is there an easy way to access the last post in a thread? Emoticons View all posts >


Sh$t, Harry. I'm the oldest 34 year older that ever lived. I won't be doing any couch surfing any time soon [laugh] So, tell me about your travelling adventures? Any new food recipes? The second X Files movie was a bit disappointing for me. The first one I kind of liked, but then again, I wasn't expecting it when it came out and I only watched it some years later. [clap] This place is awesome. What a nice forum you guys have here! I thin'k I'll be staying around. I think all kinds of snobs are a pain. Think coffee/wine/beer appreciators too. David Byrne - Psycho Killer [b]Final edit: I give up using quote tags[/b] I went to the states' capital (Belo Horizonte) for that. I'm not sure I'd go to Rio for the Carnaval. "might be worthwhile having a back-up line or two in these odd days of politics..." Tesla will solve that with their internet satellites network! "Have you seen Alien: Covenant?" I did and oh boy... đź’© Hi dazed! Come back. Let's chat! [wave] [quote]Which city are you in now?[/quote] A small city in Minas Gerais called Lavras. The technician told me they are setting up a server here in my neighborhood to provide high speed internet with optic fibers. Unfortunately the city hall interdicted the works because of a mine somewhere around here. Apparently the plot of land the internet company acquired shouldn't have been sold. Neat. Thanks! ummm. The quotes are all off. View all replies >