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I just watched it and thought it was pretty damn good myself. Much better than I expected it to be. Actually had a pretty decent ending. I think it's great and I am really enjoying this season. It's been much better than TWD recently IMO. I still like TWD, just not as much. I'm watching her on To Tell The Truth right now. She is smoking hot for sure. Your comment is funny and oh so true. She looks like a Heather. I am binging it right now. Just over half way through and I really am enjoying it. Seems like every movie or show that was a book first always gets bad reviews from the people that have read the book(s). I had to go back and watch the last episode. I am going to binge it again when I'm done watching a few shows. I'm binging The OA right now on Netflix. Man did I love Deadwood, 3 seasons only sucked. I know exactly what ya mean. I had to put on CC and then still there were words that I didn't know their meaning. Everyone was talking like Shakespeare, lol. I enjoyed the movie though. I love Westerns and Deadwood was a great one. Can't believe the show only got 3 seasons. I just got done watching it and I enjoyed it also. Not the greatest but certainly entertaining. I think they should have had the hypnotist kill him at the end. "Pubic hair in your teeth huh?" "Well take this" He shoves a knife through his mouth or shoots him in the face. That guy knows the kid killed the lady, stabbed his dad, and got his mom killed. Then they don't show him at all in the end? He didn't inform that lady doctor how dangerous the kid is? That's the first 1 that came to my head. That is the best horror film ever IMO and she was only 12. Then the Omen movies of course. View all replies >