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I agree. I didn't think it was nothing special. Most are loving it though. I agree Smidget28, I really am enjoying it. I had the first 3 episodes recorded and hadn't watched an episode yet. I binged all 3 at once, couldn't stop watching. If I could pay to binge the whole season, I would. Exactly. these movies usually always have the victim(s) doing something stupid though. I actually found a goof and posted it on IMDB. It's about her sweatshirt. That was really strange, I never have seen that before. I'm enjoying it so far also. They are doing it just like American Horror Story, a different story every season. No big deal that they kept the name of the show the same IMO. This is an example not from the movie but on the same line. Man says "go run down there and fetch the dog" Subtitle would read "hurry up and go grab that mutt" I guess the subtitles were for what they actually said in the original movie and not for the dubbing. 95 to 40, that's crazy. I will NEVER trust what the critics say. They dislike good action movies then give some artsy fartsy crap movie glowing reviews. Craziest damn show I've ever seen. Poor dog, poor camels, lol. I just watched it and thought it was pretty damn good myself. Much better than I expected it to be. Actually had a pretty decent ending. I think it's great and I am really enjoying this season. It's been much better than TWD recently IMO. I still like TWD, just not as much. View all replies >