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I suppose that Wellington Yinsen is Professor X (the bald headed mentor figure) while Rachel Carpenter is Kitty Pryde. [url][/url] [url][/url] Interestingly, you could say that both shows had a similar path. Season 8 of YCDTOT (1987) and Season 6 of All That (2000) struggled without the "faces" of their respective series (Christine McGlade/Alasdair Gillis and Kenan and Kel). Consequently, both shows went on a brief hiatus to rebuild. And while Seasons 9-10 of YCDTOT and Seasons 7-10 of All That you could say has their fans, it was quite apparent that both shows had seen their better days. it's time to talk about the [email protected] in dan schneider's shows. [url][/url] racist comments said in his shows 4:50 the token black friend 6:32 black woman portrayal 9:44 black men portrayal 26:33 asian and latinx portrayal 35:35 William Dozier, who produced the 1960s Batman series with Adam West also apparently hated comics. This is in part why that particular series was a campy, pop art comedy instead of something decidedly more grim and complex. [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [b]105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **9**[/b] [url][/url] This A- list actor/singer/really bad person is named as a producer in a project that has not yet received a green light despite the addition of a really good director. The executives of the studio will rue the day if they actually do green light the project with that actor attached. It will be a huge huge financial loss for them. He has "ideas." [i]Jared Leto/third "Tron" movie/Garth Davis ('See you in the grid!' Jared Leto confirms he'll star in a third Tron movie and promises fans something 'very special')[/i] [url][/url] Coyote Ugly Captures the Hilariously Sincere Optimism of the Year 2000 [url][/url] Twenty years later, we look back on a musical drama that depicts a New York City that never existed. [url][/url] [quote]Beatty was never very productive, and even in his peak years during the seventies he only did seven films. His dithering over projects only got worse as he got older, so he was never going to let himself be rediscovered by audiences. Even Redford did a Marvel movie, so it could have happened. In comparison, his sister never really left the public eye. In Her Shoes and Bernie weren’t classics, but they were at least something (both have strangely devoted followings, which I don’t quite understand even though I like both films). And even though no one liked her on Downton Abbey, it was still a star turn on a popular show, —Anonymous reply 6[/quote] To make a long story short, Brandy and her mom forced Vida Spears out around the fourth or fifth season. The Norwoods wanted to make the show more gritty and dramatic instead of being a more of standard slice of life, family-oriented show. In other words, you could say that Moesha wanted to be more like Roc instead of the black version of Blossom. Hence by the time that Moesha got to college, the show became more of a a "'hood soap opera". Had Vida Spears still been in charge, there's little doubt in my mind that they would've changed Frank's narrative like that. Nor would that have done crap like end the series on the cliffhanger with Miles being kidnapped. [url][/url] Ironically, "Bruce" is Bruce Willis' middle name. His full name is Walter Bruce Willis. Kenneth Johnson also wanted the Hulk to be red (his rationale was that red was the color that we traditionally associate with anger), so it just goes to tell you how little he cared or respected the source material. Changing his name to David is stupid any other way because Bruce Banner's actual first name is Robert (thus, his full name is Robert Bruce Banner). They could've easily called him Robert Banner if they had issues with alliteration or the so-called gay fear that Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno suggested. That way they could've still honored the source material while cutting out whatever issues the producers had with the name "Bruce". [url][/url] I got the sense that Kenneth Johnson, the showrunner didn't really like comics. He was one of those people who probably saw it as a juvenile, children's medium. And it was quite understandable because at the time, the only real precedents (at least on television) that we had were the campy Adam West Batman TV series from the '60s and the old George Reeves Superman series. There was also the Wonder Woman TV series with Lynda Carter from around the same time. Johnson on his end, was more inspired by Les Misérables and maybe The Fugitive (the Incredible Hulk actually owes more to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein's monster) then he was on Marvel Comics. Supposedly, TLJ's marriage was not going well at the time and he was taking out frustration on set. Combined with the script, he probably phoned it in and screwed around as much as he could while maintaining what control he could. X-Men The Animated Series Revival Discussed: "Up To Disney" [url][/url] [quote]The producer of X-Men: The Animated Series has confirmed discussions about a possible revival of the beloved cartoon and said the ball is now in Disney's court. Speaking during the Wizard World panel, producer and director Larry Houston said he's "made conversation" with Disney about bringing X-Men: The Animated Series back. "We've had talks, but that's about it," said Houston. "We've made conversation and it's up to them to make the decision, but we've let them know that we're all available for whatever they want to do in the future." He concluded, "Whatever they wanted to do if we had all the original team. That's what I would come out of retirement for." Houston's words were echoed by former cast members George Buza and Chris Britton, who played Beast and Mr. Sinister, respectively. However, Wolverine actor Cal Dodd noted that "nothing is coming to fruition" at the moment.[/quote] X-Men: The Animated Series ran for 76 episodes from 1992 to 1997 and adapted major X-Men comic storylines including "The Dark Phoenix Saga" and "Days of Future Past." The core cast was a who's who of X-Men favorites including Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Rogue, Jubilee, Gambit and Professor Xavier.[/quote] [url][/url] I wonder if Brandon Routh's issue if you want to call it that, was that he was quite deliberately meant to be a place holder for Christopher Reeve. In other words, he was ask to do an impersonation instead of being his own man so to speak. [url][/url] "DeGeneres’s reputation began showing wear months ago," says Alex Abad-Santos. "A pivotal moment in the dismantling of DeGeneres’s persona as TV’s friendliest talk show host happened in November during an interview with actress and celebrity scion Dakota Johnson. The interview, like most of DeGeneres’s interviews, seemed to be casual, as if DeGeneres and Johnson were old friends. But this typical pattern was subverted and dove into awkward territory when DeGeneres asked Johnson about why she wasn’t invited to Johnson’s recent 30th birthday party. The implication: Dakota Johnson is too cool for nice Ellen, or maybe she’s even a mean girl...Through admonishing Johnson, DeGeneres was caught fibbing and inadvertently drew attention to her controversial hangout with (George W.) Bush. For DeGeneres, who has built her career on being seen as authentically nice, her fib tarnished her reputation even more than watching a game with George W. Bush did." Abad-Santos adds of Ellen's recent toxic workplace controversy: "At this point, more and more people are coming forward about how awful it was to work at certain television shows with certain actors, writers rooms, creatives, and Hollywood bigwigs, bringing the reality of what it’s like working in Hollywood to light. The stories about abuse and caustic workplaces seem like symptoms of a bigger problem — an industry with little to no oversight or protections for its workers. But what makes The Ellen DeGeneres Show production team’s alleged transgressions more shocking is that DeGeneres has built an entire career and celebrity status by assuring us that she wasn’t like other celebrities. DeGeneres’s brand is about being so relentlessly kind and so interminably inoffensive that you didn’t have to worry about Ellen ever being problematic." [url][/url] [quote]From the mid-1980s through to the mid-1990s, Val Kilmer was one of Hollywood's hottest young properties. With successful roles in the likes of Top Secret!, Real Genius, Top Gun, Willow, The Doors, Thunderheart, and Tombstone, it seemed like Kilmer was set to be a popular Hollywood mainstay forever more. Kilmer being cast as the Dark Knight in 1995's Batman Forever seemingly cemented his standing in the industry, and the film's solid commercial performance suggested he'd return for at least a few sequels. But in actual fact, Kilmer opted not to reprise the role for Batman & Robin, and after appearing in Michael Mann's heat later in 1995, found himself suffering through a brutal run of critical and commercial duds. In honesty his career never recovered from turning down Batman, with his last 25 years in the business being largely defined by the tawdry likes of The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Saint, Red Planet, Alexander, and in more recent years The Snowman and a slew of straight-to-VOD action duds. Though Kilmer has certainly appeared in a few great movies since Batman & Robin - namely Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - he's never regained that leading man box office appeal, which combined with his reputation for being difficult to work with hasn't served him well. Kilmer will appear in cameo form, however, in the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, yet due to a recent bout with throat cancer reducing his voice to a rasp, it's sadly unlikely he'll ever regain his A-lister status.[/quote] Forrest Gump and the Destruction of the American Dream [url][/url] [quote]In this episode of the Cinebros Podcast, Tyler tries to present a case of why American classic Forrest Gump actually spits in the face of the American dream, and Luke tries to convince him why that's insane.[/quote] [url][/url] [b]66. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/06 **10**[/b] [url][/url] This back in the day actress has not acted in a very long time. She told a friend last week that her A- list celebrity ex used to pass her around to friends so he could get ahead. It got hard for her to do which is why she got addicted to pills and booze. [i]Lark Voorhies/Martin Lawrence (The Sad Truth About Lark Voorhies’ Life Story) ('Saved by the Bell' Star Sues Enquirer Over Cocaine Story)[/i] [url][/url] [b]60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/06 **4**[/b] [url][/url] A lot of buzz out there right now about this former A- list mostly television actress (Julianna Margulies) who has struck gold with two separate hit network ensembles. We already know about the drama that ended the second show ("The Good Wife") prematurely (feud with Archie Panjabe) and now we are learning that the actress used a derogatory racial slur on the set of that first network hit of hers ("ER"). [i]Julianna Marguilies/"The Good Wife"/"ER" (Everything we know about the rumoured feud between "The Good Wife's" Archie Panjabe and Julianna Marguilies)[/i]