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Do you agree that what will harm him the most is the fact that he lied about pulling the trigger? His claim that the gun malfunctioned was ridiculous and has been disproven by the FBI who tested the gun. He lost all credibility when he lied about that. The previous President of the United States used "locker room talk" as an excuse and rationalization when he was caught on tape bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. And that was before he was elected! [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] Boy Meets World Already Secretly Explained Why Eric Became So Dumb [url][/url] While Eric's personality change was striking, one theory could help explain how and why the dramatic transformation was able to take place. I can see some of her mom, Kelly Preston in her also, especially her mouth/smile. I guess that seeing Ella with a ponytail kind of reminds me a bit of a That Thing You Do era Liv Tyler. [url][/url] A Nickelodeon Nightmare: The Allegations of Dan Schneider [url][/url] Chapters: 0:00 Intro 3:57 Ritual 5:53 Disclaimer 6:46 Who is Dan Schneider 12:04 Dan's Most Successful Shows 23:21 Allegations Uncovered 34:07 More Controversy 40:26 Associate's Wrongdoings 44:53 Feet? 50:34 Downfall of Nickelodeon Every Robert Zemeckis Movie Ranked From Worst To Best [url][/url] From less-than-magical remakes to time-travel adventures in a tricked-out DeLorean, here are all of Robert Zemeckis's movies ranked worst to best. Why wasn't Tom Selleck more successful in the movies? [url][/url] [quote][b]Multiple reasons, including[/b]: 1. Bad film choices - Lassiter, High Road To China, and Runaway (his biggest three films during his time on Magnum PI) are unique in that all suck pretty bad. Selleck chose terrible roles in terrible films and that damaged his career as a film actor. 2. He’s not a Shakespearean - While Selleck can convey drama when he needs to, he’s never been a stage actor and that seems to have hurt his progression as a film actor. 3. He was “too old” at the height of the action hero craze - Selleck was entering his fifties during the 1990s when action films in Hollywood were at their peak. Had he done a Die Hard or Terminator-style of film it’s possible that he could have rivaled the major stars of that era. However, he was aging out of those roles and so he missed a major opportunity to become a bigger star. 4. He never sharpened his comedic skills - Selleck can do comedy; however, he never seems to have honed those skills to their fullest potential. A funny Selleck might have become an even bigger star, especially if he had teamed with an Eddie Murphy, a Robin Williams, or even an early Adam Sandler. 5. 1990–1997 - With the sole exception of Quigley Down Under (which was stolen by the appearance of a then-hot Alan Rickman as the antagonist) every film that he made during this time period is awful. Whether this was because they were cash grabs or because he just didn’t read the scripts carefully is unknown, What is known is that they are both terrible and forgettable. Tom Selleck is an exceptional television performer who never became a movie star for a host of reasons, including the ones above.[/quote] [url][/url] [quote]she's a known social climber that pulled too much of the "I'm not like Hollywood" routine.. she's also kind of dumb but thinks she's smart and has a bigger ego than her career. . . so, pair that up with the "I'm not like other girls/celebs routine and being a guppy when it comes to biz deals. it's probably more that she's just personally unlikable -- she was pretty hated in the UK, too --- ok in short bursts but socially exhausting. Most think she's fake and they recognize she's a climber, so they don't trust her. Frankly, shocked she hasn't become a reality star by now... with her physically large bobble head. Most thought she should have pushed harder for a music career.. she likely would have had one but she didn't want to become known as as a "country" star in her debut and they were promoting to her much as the actress Minnie Driver that could sing rather than a multiinstrumentalist singer, songwriter. Her career overall is pretty half assed. She won't fight for a role and she's only as good as the surrounding actors. by Anonymous reply 84 August 10, 2022 8:03 PM[/quote] Undertaker vs. Undertaker! Leslie Nielsen! WWF Summerslam 1994 Review | Wrestling With Wregret [url][/url] [quote]How can there be ... TWO UNDERTAKERS?!?!?![/quote] 00:00 Intro 01:58 The Headshrinkers vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & IRS 04:15 Leslie Nielsen is on the case! 05:22 WWF Women's Championship: Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano 06:51 Shawn Michaels and Diesel have a chat 07:07 Intercontinental Championship: Diesel vs. Razor Ramon 10:11 Tatanka presents his evidence against Lex Luger 11:31 Lex Luger vs. Tatanka 13:39 Jeff Jarrett vs. Mabel 15:57 Nielsen and George Kennedy continue their search 16:05 Steel Cage Match for the WWF Championship: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart 20:33 The Undertaker vs. The Undertaker 23:52 Final Thoughts Six The Wonder Years crew members have detailed sexual misconduct allegations against Fred Savage. [url][/url] You definitely aren't going to like this story then: [b]Michael Winner: Three actresses say the director demanded to see their naked breasts[/b] [quote][url][/url] In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, three women have come forward with claims director Michael Winner demanded to see their breasts. Debbie Arnold (best known for playing April Branning on Eastenders), Cindy Marshall-Day, and another unnamed actress made the claims. Speaking to the Sunday People, Arnold said Winner made the demands while she was auditioning for a role at his house. "He asked me to take off my top, then my bra and told me to massage my breasts,” she told the publication. "I asked him to repeat the question because I thought I was hearing things. I started walking away from the window and he asked me why. "I told him I couldn't believe what he had said. I thought it was a joke so I was appalled when he repeated the question. I walked right up to him and told him, 'f*** off, you dirty old pervert’." Marshall-Day made similar claims, saying the filmmaker — who died in 2013 — asked her to reveal her breasts in the 1980s. The third woman did as Winner asked while he smoked a cigar. All three remained quiet about the incidents, not telling the police, but were encouraged to do so after numerous actresses made public allegations about Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein has denied all allegations against him, the mogul reportedly saying from rehab that there’s a “conspiracy” against him. Conversely, actors including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Beckinsale, Lupita Nyong’o, and Angelina Jolie have all accused Weinstein of harassment, while Rose McGowan has accused him of rape. [url][/url][/quote] [url][/url] [quote]Never got the hype. Not more beautiful or talented than the many in her age range. Like Val Kilmer, she nuked her own career through bullheaded behavior. by Anonymous reply 1 August 7, 2022 6:40 PM She was known for arriving on set, announcing she "wasn't feeling it", then leaving, and thus leaving her costars and the crew without a job for the day. People eventually stopped hiring her. I think she is a big talent, but she definitely ruined her own career. by Anonymous reply 2 August 7, 2022 6:42 PM She had drug and mental health issues. She alienated a lot of big stars and directors so no one wanted to work with her. In hindsight I wonder if she was really talented or just on drugs. by Anonymous reply 7 August 7, 2022 6:51 PM He's not only selfish and egomaniacal but she's also genuinely nasty and vindictive. She frequently trash-talked her fellow performers or her directors. Mental health problems do not excuse you for being a mean person. by Anonymous reply 8 August 7, 2022 6:54 PM[/quote] Exposing Mark Wahlberg's RACIST Past [url][/url] [quote]#MarkWahlberg has committed some unthinkable crimes, so let's get into it.[/quote] 1988 April 9-NY Mets @ Philadelphia April 16-NY Mets @ St. Louis NY Yankees @ Milwaukee (DOUBLEHEADER) April 23-Boston @ Milwaukee April 30-Oakland @ Cleveland May 7-San Francisco @ Chicago Cubs May 14-California @ NY Yankees May 21-California @ Boston May 28- Houston @ Chicago Cubs June 4-Chicago Cubs @ NY Mets June 11-Baltimore @ NY Yankees June 18-NY Yankees @ Cleveland June 25-NY Mets @ Chicago Cubs Minnesota @ Oakland (doubleheader game) July 2-NY Yankees @ Chicago White Sox July 9-NY Mets @ Houston July 16-Los Angeles @ Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox @ NY Yankees July 23-San Francisco @ St. Louis July 30-Houston @ Los Angeles August 6-Boston @ Detroit August 13-Detroit @ Boston August 20-Oakland @ Boston August 27-NY Yankees @ California September 3-Los Angeles @ NY Mets September 10-Detroit @ NY Yankees September 17-NY Yankees @ Boston September 24-Oakland @ Milwaukee October 1-Boston @ Cleveland 1989 April 8-Los Angeles @ Atlanta April 15-NY Mets @ St. Louis April 22-Chicago Cubs @ NY Mets April 29-Los Angeles @ St. Louis May 6-Houston @ NY Mets May 13-NY Yankees @ California May 20-San Francisco @ NY Mets May 27-Oakland @ NY Yankees June 3-Chicago Cubs @ St. Louis June 10-Detroit @ Toronto June 17-Oakland @ Baltimore June 24-Los Angeles @ Cincinnati July 1-NY Mets @ Cincinnati July 8-NY Yankees @ Boston July 15-Kansas City @ NY Yankees July 22-San Francisco @ Chicago Cubs July 29-San Francisco @ Houston August 5-Houston @ San Francisco August 12-Oakland @ California August 19-Los Angeles @ NY Mets August 26-Baltimore @ NY Yankees September 2-NY Mets @ San Francisco September 9-NY Yankees @ Oakland September 16-Chicago @ Pittsburgh September 23-Pittsburgh @ Chicago September 30-Baltimore @ Toronto [url][/url] The Captain Logan Show Episode 214 | No Batgirl For You [quote][url][/url] Captain Logan takes your questions for at least an hour! Tonight's lead in topic: the huge shakeup at Warner Bros/Discovery, with the Batgirl (et al) cancellation, and the just-announced merger of Discovery + and HBO Max. Leave a superchat to guarantee a question is discussed on this or any other geeky topic![/quote] [url][/url] [url][/url] David Zaslav has had a history of being opposed to scripted content [quote][url][/url] In 2015: "Zaslav, surveying the industry, argues that Discovery, with its low programming cost and recognizable brands, has the best blend of them all. Scripted drama? Please. “It’s like a kids’ soccer game–everyone saw something that worked and started chasing the ball. It’s way too expensive.” [url][/url] In 2020: "Scripted Has Had Its Moment, This Is Our Time" [url][/url][/quote] [url][/url] [b]42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/03 **14**[/b] [url][/url] The Bugs: I thought I knew every story about this former A- list actress (Brittany Murphy). Between my personal experiences with her and talking to her all the time and her closest friends, I thought I knew them all. I was wrong. While she was filming a movie ("Spun") about drug abuse, she decided she wanted to experiment with harder drugs during the filming, just to give her an idea of what her character would feel. Our actress was by no means method but she wanted to know what it was like. I actually heard that before. What I hadn't heard before was told to me by an actress (Mena Suvari) who has been a friend of the site for over a decade and who was a co-star. I thought I picked her brain before, but this one is new. Whatever drugs the A- list actress ended up taking caused her for a week to think she had bugs all over her body and she scratched and clawed at her skin and face for that week, leaving holes and scabs all over her body. She was also freaking out and terrified and out of control. The director (Jonas Åkerlund) of the movie loved it and thought the makeup department had created all the sores and lesions. It took method to a whole new level. They tried to capture as much of what she was really going through, actually on film. [i]Brittany Murphy/"Spun"/Mena Suvari/Jonas Åkerlund[/i] Batgirl's Cancellation Is A Consequence Of WB's Bad DCEU Planning [url][/url] Batgirl's tragic cancellation is the consequence of a decade of bad DCEU decision-making on the part of previous Warner Bros. executives. Why Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 Was So Legendarily Bad [url][/url] 1987's Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 is one of the most infamously awful horror sequels in history, and here's why it ended up so legendarily bad. Ben Affleck’s Batman in the Aquaman Reshoots EXPLAINED! And what of Henry Cavill? [quote][url][/url] Ben Affleck will be back as Batman one more time that no one saw coming, namely in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. What is more; this is a recent development, as he is being added in reshoots, six months after principal photography ended! So why is Aquaman 2 suddenly being tweaked now? And could this signal more of Ben Affleck’s Batman in the future? And what of Henry Cavill’s Superman? We’ve checked in with our sources, and in this video, we will give you the most up to date answers available, as we go through everything we know about Batman now in Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s future as the Flash, and Henry Cavill’s elusive future as Superman.[/quote]