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Didn't think of that. I thought he was being "artistic". But, yeah, probay for the barbari. Found a reference to it that says at some point Kelly thought he saw a rainbow when he was about to drown and thought he was going to be reunited with his wife. I didn't see it. I'm gonna have to watch it again. I don't temember him almost drowning but I guess it must have been after the plane was shot down (?) I get that. I don't normally watch a movie just because it's directed by this guy or that guy. All I ever heard about it must have been from fans. I was disappointed. Like the original post said, I understood what was happening just not why. I also watched the original Twin Peaks. Again, too weird for me. LOL I'm not much of a fan of superhero movies either. Good one. Totally missed it. When I heard the technician sayong the gas lines had to be fixed, I was like: "Here it comes..." Really? I never thought about. Then, again my gaydar doesn't work. Why do you think so? Well, I think she's cute. But Jodie Foster is prettier. LOL Did you happen to notice if there was blood on her face when they opened the railcar door? On Demand won't let me fast-forward and I'm NOT watching the whole thing for literally a fraction of a second. View all replies >