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I missed that. Lupe's version is closer to tbe book. They are both good in their own way but I like hers more than Erivo's. Pretty sure it was the Dopplers, but the man in the picture looks like George Bush. Makes sense. I missed the ones in Season 1 and 2. Can you name them? I have to go back and see. I haven't seen The Man Who Wasn't There. I guess I'll have to find it. I guess it was just out of character from the rest of the show. That episode was from 2015. It's been 5 years. Yeah. I'm like: "He's giving you a free pass. GTFO!" It got you to look at my post, didn't it? You say nothing about the movie, though. Does it get tiring policing the internet? I'm expressing my opinion on a movie, without, unlike you, being rude or putting down someone I know nothing about. Which I guess is one of the wonders of the internet: impunity/courage behind anonymity. Enjoy and take care. No mention of Lindsey (Willows' daughter) that was introduced as working in the lab in the finale. View all replies >