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No skeletons? Chronological order Chronological order Copying off Mike Rowe? Monsters at the bar New Adventures of Old Christine? Oviedo's Spanish Didn't want to cry in front of them and give them the satisfaction? So... Bron is dead... Can Lyanna Mormont get some love? View all posts >


Yup. Didn't think of that. True. And, yes, Pennywise any day. Charlie is worse than him? That's what I understood, anyway. Cool nod to Joe Hill's dad. Don't get me wrong, I liked Old Christine, but if it's going to be too similar, it won't last very long. Me neither. Very cute. The railing was broken. It's what Perry landed/was impaled on. He's The Man! Unfortunately, he'll probably die of radiation poisoning fairly soon. That's what I thought, too. And maybe get a reward from Tyrion if they win. He's telling Jon's true parentage and how Ned hid him. It looked like he already had several messages written and wrapped, ready to send by raven. So probably to the surviving great houses. I would say yes, he was trying to poison her. The little girl works in the kitchen and when she says "She's not eating." Varys says "We'll try again at supper." Could be something else, but I doubt it. Also, I think most of the messages got out. When they come to arrest him, he burns the one he's writing, but the other scrolls that were on the table earlier are gone. YAY!!! View all replies >