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Love Him Or Hate Him, He Changed AM Radio And Politics Great Looking Something About Her So cute Murdered By An Illegal Alien No Agree With TG, Get Jail Time? Great Voice Using Male Privilege Now What The Idiots Do Not Understand View all posts >


Otto Kretschmer rules, pay attention to 3, 10 and 11 1.Efficient lookouts are of prime importance 2. It is essential not simply to spot the target, but to spot it in good time 3. Lone ships should be attacked on the surface with gunfire in order to save expensive torpedoes 4. Survivors should be assisted where possible 5. Convoys should only be attacked in daylight if it is not feasible to wait for nightfall 6. Attack at night from the dark side of the convoy, so that the target is silhouetted and the submarine is in shadow 7. When there is little or no moonlight, attack from the windward side (to avoid a visible white bow-wave when motoring into the wind) 8. Fire one torpedo per target not fanned salvoes 9. Fire at close range 10. Once the attack is launched, do not submerge except in circumstances of dire necessity. Remember that on the surface it is easier for you to spot the enemy than for the enemy to spot you 11. Dive only for two hours before dawn each day, to rest the crew, sweep with the sound detection equipment, etc.; otherwise, remain on the surface Watched it last night. Enjoyable, especially when you have interest in the equipment at tactics used in those battles, though all was not "accurate". Watching it now, he is in it, one of my all time favorite actors. Please what? Please listen to your empty thoughts? You had to look up the correct spelling of fascist to even post. I've watched it about 5 times Again someone who does not even understand the meaning of the word fascist tossing it around because they heard their SJW friends using it. Funny how you did not focus on what the white men called themselves in it. If I have learned anything in my time in this world, it is liberal/progressives project on to/accuse others of what they actually are. I was a fan of watching a young Helen Hunt In looks, not personality, Penelope for sure. Kristin Holby was hot. View all replies >