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Time to send the daughter away Difference Between A Moderate And A Radical Muslim? When You Start Out With What Season One Was Wendy Is Boring Orange Is The New Black She Is A Typical American Woman What’s the difference? Will Not Divide Her Pay To Staffers And Mexico Is Still A Craphole View all posts >


I find her beauty unique, and that makes her hot to me. Being forced to have sex with on obese woman He had Kemper down No more worked up than I am interested in your comments, to me you are fictional too. Maybe that is why I used the word character? And that voice, so sexy. As I posted elsewhere, she is the most garbage character in the show. If anyone should be killed, or go to prison, it is her. She is garbage and she knows it. She took very personal information told in doctor/patient confidentiality and used it against them. She is the most garbage character in the show. The best thing she could do is kill herself. Leading contender? In my opinion, yes they all were dead, yet some are the dead collecting the newly dead who are just now realizing they are. View all replies >