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When You Start Out With What Season One Was Wendy Is Boring Orange Is The New Black She Is A Typical American Woman What’s the difference? Will Not Divide Her Pay To Staffers And Mexico Is Still A Craphole Cute, cute Yip, Yip, Yip, Yip Like the ending, spoiler alert! View all posts >


In my opinion, yes they all were dead, yet some are the dead collecting the newly dead who are just now realizing they are. Amen, Allison is seriously cute. Maybe when you are a teen. She is a self absorbed ungrateful DAUGHTER. She is an ass to her father Even got an “Open Range” mention into it. My gosh you are one dense butt head. Obama made the claim he was a foreign student, he lied about his birth place to get treated differently by the University. The poster was addressing that. Progressives, the worlds most ignorant people. “She is rude, has a foul mouth”.....add overweight and you just described about half the women today in America I should have worded it as, too many American women” He didn’t claim Obama was not a citizen, Obama lied about his birth place to get a leg up, just like another whitest of white lied and claimed to be a Native American in order to get a leg up. Makes sense, both are not the way. View all replies >