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My favourite is Betty Gilpin. Even her facial expressions are hilarious. Marc Maron really did look ill this season. Just binged season 3, absolutely loved it. Hope there's a season 4. Oh God, not Q, I hate every episode with that character in it. As soon as they time-travelled. Felt like a copout. Gave up. It was fun but I thought there was a bit too much filler and way too many conversations. Still worth it though. I agree. I have no problem with Dany being killed, because 'she needed to die' but the writers needed to do a better job of SHOWING us why. Just watched that one. It was so good! I didn't watch the film, but the series is incredibly funny. Love it. The squeaky toy battle was brilliant. I'd agree more if she'd died alone, instead of having the comfort of Jaime. Then again, are they really dead? View all replies >