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Don't expect much movie-wise. It is just another modern big summer flick after all. You know, mediocre plot, little to no character development, tons of destruction, lots of big explosions, CGI heavy etc. What science do you have to back up AGW being the cause of the greatest disaster in human history in any time frame, let alone the next 11-12 years? I look forward to examining it. If you would like to see some of the science behind not being a climate doomsday zealot I am happy to provide plenty of data. However, it seems from your post that your mind is made up, so I won't hold my breath. I sure hope you did at least a little footwork before believing popular mantras, buzzwords, accusations, and the-end-is-nigh predictions. I'm curious how you feel about it now, assuming you watched it. My expectations aligned with yours, but I was pleasantly surprised. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of cliches and corny over the top crap, but I feel it did a decent job getting the main facts correct, and even some lesser ones(Bruno Gaido almost single-handedly saving his ship by shooting down a Japanese bomber before it could crash into the USS Enterprise, and then being executed by the Japanese via being thrown overboard attached to weight). And they did gloss over some stuff(E.g. Gaido being tortured and divulging important intel the Japanese before his execution). Overall, it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. How about you? The subtitles(Amazon Video) say "[speaking mayan]" sometimes. Please stop spamming. "the prosecutor would ask why he didn't fire a warning shot." In most states, warning shots are prohibited in self-defense situations by law. This law is commonly known as reckless discharge of a firearm. WTF? This is an odd post. <blockquote>ALL americans should have a "rifle" in 2016! BUT it should be: Smoothbore - Flintlock. NOT an AR-15 design+;-) </blockquote> Why? If it is because you think it would make things safer, I disagree. Four blunderbuss flintlock smoothbores loaded with 00 buckshot and/or .50 cal ball ammo can do an insane amount of damage in a couple seconds. All the black people in the film are also made out to be perfect. The villains were the British. The Americans, regardless of race, were the heroes. It seems OP doesn't understand film making 101 and prefers to view the world through a racial lens. Here are some pertinent links: View all replies >