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That is a good example of concealment being presented as cover. Those .50 cal rounds would have torn through that sheet metal and wounded/killed that soldier. Also, if you pay attention to the scene you linked when Grimes uses the underslung grenade launcher he misses by an impossible margin given where his gun was pointed. However, I was more referring to this scene( ). Those .50 cal rounds and rpg would have at least wounded that soldier, but most likely killed him. Howard basically fired Chuck because his insurance was going way, WAY up due to Jimmy notifying them about his unstable mental state. No one but Jimmy knows what Jimmy did, so he is blaming Howard as a deflection from admitting to himself that he "killed his brother"(created the circumstances that made Chuck suicidal). Howard never accepted Jimmy before Chuck died, and Jimmy knows Howard feels guilt about Chuck, so Jimmy is using Howard's guilt to get back at him for never believing in Jimmy prior to Chuck's death. Personally, I really like Howard. He seems like a genuine and good person. Jimmy(who I also like for different reasons) is showing his true(scumbag lawyer) self more and more throughout this series, which is to be expected. Klendathu is ~40,000 light-years from Earth. There is no way the bugs could shoot a meteor at earth after the attack on the Mormon colony. That would require a warp drive on the meteor(which the bugs do not have), not to mention the impossible accuracy required to hit a planet, let alone a city on the planet, 40,000 light-years away(which the bugs also do not have). Those were underslung shotguns, not grenade launchers. It is a lot easier to shoot a stationary caged target that is no threat to you than to hit the nerve stem on a fast-moving bug that wants nothing more than to murder you in the worst ways and is coming right for you. Dizzy was too easy. To quote 2pac, "If it's that easy, I don't want it." In this case, her being easy was because she was really in love with Rico, which is unfortunate because it comes across as slutty. A part of human nature. Probably rooted in the fact that women have limited time and eggs and pregnancy is not quick or easy, so women must/should be more careful about choosing a mate, while men can impregnate a woman until they die unless they are sterile, and do not get pregnant. Hence, promiscuous men do not have anywhere near the number of negative connotations associated with them as are associated with promiscuous women. I agree she is better looking, too. Richards looks like she had a really hideous nose and got a rhinoplasty at a young age, which made it not hideous, but still not quite right. <blockquote>The bugs sent the meteor to destroy Buenos Aires.</blockquote> How exactly? Time travel forward is possible and happens all the time. Traveling to the past seems unlikely, but humans flying, let alone going to space and the moon, seemed very unlikely, too. Theoretical particles disrupting the sun's nuclear reaction is less believable than love? Interstellar is sci-fi for the masses. It is dumbed down and silly. Had you said Moon, that would make more sense. Moon was far more realistic and sci-fi. I don't think you actually like sci-fi if Interstellar is your favorite. You seem to be more a fan of sappy drama. I never understood the black part. Is it immoral to sleep with a black person? Seems like a nonissue. Not really. Most cops aren't MacGyver on the side. I'd like to know how he got all his skills. View all replies >