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ancient aliens some bad science on here and voyager Episode lessons What was da plan 2 get outta da cave??? another monk type show this whole thing couldve been avoided.... bizzaro reality, r.i.p. golf clubs he probably had a universal translator View all posts >


that was just 1 . probably because she was the US president and he didn't want 2 go John W booth or something. well he was the terminator in real life, I'd say yes. yes there was, he had 2 rescue the mother and child and destroy the chemical agents so he had 2 re-open the missile silo doors after remi's character closed them. The incoming missiles from that nearest destroyer ship were on its way 2 destroy all the bio weapons there. and that's the last we saw of baptista's character. no female's 2 young 4 him. no I bet his other character Ron Swanson was the inspiration. is it gonna b pay per view?? Satan, yo a misunderstood guy and I, 4 1 don't think u da devil!!!! View all replies >