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tough guys!!! lore I'm waiting 4 THe Blings of Power Milton Berle shouldve taken lucy 2 court 4 attempted murder Dallas cowboys ???? Or united airlines veteren gold digger. dont b gay in the 90's deliciously better than american football View all posts >


they should'a came in under the water like in the other seal movie and show. well if ya wanted 2 have a hit cop show or movie most had 2 have a great (vintage) car, few exceptions. also set in an alt timeline also. I hope this is not connected 2 that bumble bee movie. no place is safe with these types of zombies that can climb over virtually anything and each other like in that scene in isreal where they heard the singing and collected and eventually had enough 2 come over the wall. Also zombies r a creation of mans stupidity looks like something that would make me less-hungry, sure hope the guest weren't on the later menu. Well drac was so far the 1 thing missing, is this a shark that can only come out at night?? that definitly was the hot spot!!!! unless the orders were 2 kill!!! also r spirits/ghosts suppose 2 b this entertaining?? they dont act like the 1's I c on those ghost hunting shows, I'm talking about the few episodes where they actually spot something strange and often hostile . Well I dont want 2 c it because the guy died. View all replies >