Jes' Sayin''s Replies

Much too late in the process It seems like she has a major case of narcissism. That's not that interesting, especially these days. If the show had been able to tell a story about how she's not like what we would expect, that would have been interesting, but she is pretty much exactly what we would expect. Although the performance and prosthetics are well done the show doesn't seem to have that much else to offer. How did the call to the police go? Yeah, she slapped me once. And you felt no shame? Wimp. Hangup. Sounds like this one is pretty fictional, so maybe it shouldn't count as an MM movie. Alternatively, it could be one of Meadows' aides. It looks like Meadows may have turned over information in exchange for lighter charges/sentence. Most likely Mark Meadows. Too many gays are in charge of what men want to see. Obviously they were not willing to offer witness protection for whatever reasons. It's not clear that he was. I think he was just the union representative. "The entire movie just consisted of the same scene 16 times." Not true, actually. If you watch her carefully, she approaches people and speaks differently to each. Her body language subtly changes. Her mood also changes. And so on. There's a lot going on. No wonder Cotillard was nominated for an Oscar for this performance. Yes, I thought so too. Whenever there is this kind of issue that is only about money, there's always a possible compromise by splitting in some way the difference. Prediction confirmed. Personally I didn't really like it until season 4. Maybe she was in her own loop? You did the right thing. There would be no point in naming those I would be even less likely to know. If you don't know these famous people, you're not a movie watcher, not of British movies at least. Forgotten people and movies. The Artist is so little regarded now that it's streaming free on Kanopy. Much rather see Helena Bonham Carter, Olivia, Williams, Kelly MacDonald and Dominic. Yep, that's about right. Thanks for replying! Probably don't know them. You have to read subtitles. And so on. Shows get cancelled for lots of reasons, often not having anything to do with quality. Even evergreens like Seinfeld would have been cancelled except that the network went against their best judgement. Which celebrities, for example? French ones? Yeah, I have nothing to compare it to. I haven't been tainted. Oh I dunno. Doesn't seem terribly awful. Have never seen the original. At least it has celebrity guests I've heard of, which the French version probably doesn't have. Suspect that the French version is probably a copy of Ugly Betty anyway.