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Agreed. Thanks! OK cool, thanks! There are 100 stories so it's pretty fun to just read one a day. Each is just a few pages. Of course the characters are isolating themselves due to plague, which resonates really well right now. Curious where you were able to watch this? I'm reading the book these days. The dialog doesn't sound like sentences Germans would utter. It sounded like American sentences literally translated online. Also played the teacher who Don Draper slept with in Mad Men. Actually there's considerable controversy over whether the hydrogen was the most important element. The fabric used in the airship's skin may have been much more important.'s_initial_fuel The lawsuit is for breach of contract. Wow, thanks It's better in season 2. Probably not from her phone, but that of whoever she sent it to... Presumably they do, but it's just not shown as it would be boring for viewers. Yes, it's entirely unrealistic. Just think of her spouting facts as representing that she goes to the Internet to research several things first, but that would be boring for the viewers to watch so they leave that part out. Yeah, it was great to have him turn up. It seems they're in Oakland in the San Francisco Bay area. Not really. As Franklin pointed out, Britain was too far away and its costs too high. Sure, but it's also a TV show, that is, not real. So if they would go back and resolve one of those issues, it's meaningless and will disappoint about half the viewers. So why do it? It does happen eventually. Which did you think was her best look? Maybe the 1920s? Hollywoodland was pretty great. Apparently not a series. The book was very good, though I don't care for the switch between two storylines technique.