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What's really admirable about him Seems overhyped Resembles Selena Gomez Seems like a cad. Makes her seem like a spoiled lunatic. Can it be revealed now which prime ministers she did not like? Perfectly serviceable What a title! How the show gets Galadriel wrong Seems impenetrable unless you've read the novel View all posts >


Hmm, somebody removed the controversy section... that alone might be cause for a new controversy. No, that would be a permanent change, not an occasional one. Do you eat the same meal/wear the same clothes every day? How boring that must be. If so, don't invite me over. I think it's also about the reactions of the humans around him, often very beautiful. Indeed. For a while I while I felt far too much inside the character and almost turned it off. Just because the The Sea Inside may be a better film does not [i]ipso facto[/i] make this a bad one. Nothing wrong with occasional change. Variety is the spice of life. Too little too late in the face of a national crisis doesn't cut it. That's because [i]Chess[/i] went through a lot of evolution. Details at It's sort of based on Bobby Fischer's story. It's not the blood or the amount per se, but it gets kind of the same doing it in every episode. Especially when a few characters have such thick accents. But I suppose a made-for-TV movie doesn't have budget for such things. View all replies >