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Saving that for the finale bitch fat So if I don’t like it I’m automatically young, dumb and with a short attention span? I get all that but you seemed to be implying that the numerical closeness of 8 1/2 and his 9th film was a connection Your last couple sentences were why I went to the movie. I do believe Q is in touch with a different style of movie making that was prevalent in Hollywood’s heyday. Hopefully others will pick up the torch and lead us away from comic book movies and remakes Interesting point about QTs romantic point of view of the 60s/70s. I’ll have to check out your review What’s the connection between 8 1/2 and his 9th film? I agree it was a plot point that didn’t really mean anything. There’s probably at least a couple of those in the movie. It almost seems like QT has a table covered in index cards each with a different plot point, ie “guy killed his wife” then tries to loosely tie them together I was actually unaware of some of the cameos but even those felt pointless I guess it’s another QT movie but in a different setting. Maybe I was foolish for expecting something more but it felt like there were a few 10-15 minute segments where stuff happens but are basically pointless tangents. Hopefully I’ll read a good essay or review that will change my point of view but overall I’m on the fence Yeah I’m still chewing on it so to speak but I definitely have my impressions. Maybe I’ll see it differently later. And that’s a legitimate point about Robbie. It almost seems like she was a red herring because Tate’s presence creates an audience expectation as to where the story is headed. Her scene in the theater stood out to me but other than that I’m not sure Well I guess I was hoping he would try and grow a little bit more as a director but apparently he is what he is. Maybe I should’ve learned by now Uh oh Lmao the truth is these movies suck. First one wasn’t THAT great and the others were not good. Certainly not good enough to judge an entire generation by Wouldn’t be so sure. If everyone loved it so, we’d have seen a new furiosa movie every year since Road warrior Mad max (original) Thunderdome Spot on about the CGI. Really quite poor. Better off without it. I think that’s one of my complaints about her: the same roles, same jokes repeating over and over. Heavy girl trying to act sexy. I’ve seen it and there needs to be more than that before I’m convinced You could be right, Norton has a way of bringing out the best in his guests Fair