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If representation matters please show us how this recent trend has affected anyone or anything. Show us how it improved anything. Yes but there’s no subtitles Lol wat Agreed. If movies like this were some outlier, the backlash would be minimal. But there’s an increase in the marketing for movies like this that draws a hard line and anyone who opposes it is an amoral hateful loser. They’re not helping themselves (or anyone else) I can only guess why others cheer when a movie bombs. However you can give a very detailed answer to my question. Watch the Netflix doc on Bundy. It’s got all that and more Why do you care? This is absolutely the dumbest shit Ive ever read on the internet. Completely meritless. Objectively meritless. She’ll get one crack at a leading role post SW. if it fizzles, she’s on her way out. Success, then she’ll stick around. I still don’t see any acting ability or appeal Spot on. Not really an awful movie as at least there was an interesting concept. But it really fell apart as it tried to expand on that idea. I agree. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Maybe deniros best work in years. Scorsese still has it. I’m Also a huge fan of goodfellas and Once Upon A Time. How was this a combination of those? Interesting point I’m just curious. Saw it last night and couldn’t go straight home, I had to think about this movie. A) don’t blame audiences unless you have stronger proof B) when you say international, does that mean the two movies have been released in the same number of theaters and countries? Maybe the lack of promotion was because they knew it sucked. It’s not like there’s good word of mouth about this movie. How do you give it such a near perfect rating while having 2 issues with it? Bump You are reading way too much into this I think this film tried to appear like a sophisticated art film but I don’t think esteemed film critics of any era would praise it. Filmstock and development are both cheaper for cinefilm. Interesting point. I don’t know who this is supposed to appeal to. Younger demographic doesn’t know the original TV show, probably doesn’t care about the 90s movie. It’s another example of studios being afraid to just make something new. In this case an action movie with 3 female leads. They’re milking the brand but changing it to something they think is modern. It’s possible it’ll be good, but unlikely “ by not thinking too hard about it...” Read: I’m a fucking moron