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The white supremacists on MC REALLY don't like this girl Do we see any bush in this? Beautiful What's with all the blue and lens flares in the poster? Claims the Python money has run out Ryan Reynolds?! MC Email Notifications Ridley Scott should not make historical films WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! "I'm the police, I run sh*t around here. You just live here." View all posts >


Did you mean to say "4 <b>billion</b> dollars"? I just finished the final season, and while I wouldn't say she's awful, she doesn't gel well with the rest of the crew. Maybe if she had had more episodes to develop it would have worked out better, but as it is, she's always the new girl who lacks a shared history with the others. In the final episode everyone has to rapidly explain to her Archer's history with Katya, which comes across as lame. As for the character herself, her only personal flaw is gambling addiction, which comes up exactly twice, otherwise she's too "perfect" a character to belong in the Archer world. Yes, and hot too. Me too. I keep seeing her in promos for Hulu's "Death and Other Details". She looks like a younger Christina Ricci, at least in those ads. And people laugh at me when I say this place is full of Nazis/white supremacists. He's not the only one who's uncredited. Chevy Chase was indeed uncredited, as were Paula Abdul, Rick Moranis, and others. Robert Picardo and Terry Jones have uncredited voice roles. Stop it, I'm supposed to be working, not fapping! Better double-check that 1+1 sum. All the better. View all replies >