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Those that are protesting police brutality are really going to vote for the guy who authored the crime bill that caused Epically bad. I expected it to be bad, but JFC this is terrible. Is it true she prosecuted people for marijuana, but laughed about smoking it herself? Opening sequence and already it's too preposterous to bear. Discovery is showing this again and the Dave and Joe seasons were worse than I remember. Just got up to S2 Ep 12 and if you're not going to use technobabble, then at least get close to reality Do you think she makes him sit to pee? Just found this on Prime Season 2 The Measure of a Man The myth of the southern accent. View all posts >


Hahahaha. I saw it on my Twitter timeline and it was in my head. I figured I'd share the love. Yes, and it's a shame. For me, the day is over when it gets dark. Settle in and be done for the night. And the day starts when the sun comes up. I'll never understand people that can sleep with sun coming through the window. I'll chalk this up to the Mandela effect. In my original universe, it said "from." I have now crossed over into your universe, parallel to mine, where it now says "for." I've never made the connection between the two. I don't think my knowledge or awareness of Ghostbusters changes in any way how I view Poltergeist. Poltergeist was more paranormal than the ectoplasm and proton packs in the comical Ghostbusters. Oooh boy, what a little bitch this guy is. I saw Poltergeist when I was in 4th grade. It wasn't that big of a deal to me. I was more scared of things like The Day After. Nuclear war was a real threat and the depictions in that movie were terrifying. Still, I don't look back as an adult and bitch about my parents letting me watch it. Aside from that, WTF is his point about PG-13? Or even an R rating? From the article: <blockquote>“Dad, did you know Poltergeist was originally rated R?” I said, after reading The New Yorker profile. “No,” he said. “So what?” “So, you told me and Brendan to watch it when I was nine, I guess because it was PG,” I said. “No, I saw that the year before. I thought you and your brother would like it.”</blockquote> So why exactly does the rating matter here? The father saw it. He told his kids to watch it, knowing what it was. So how exactly would a PG-13 (or even R) rating matter? So stupid. Finally, the whole concept of PG-13 brings up this exact conversation again and again. It's <b>parental guidance</b>. In other words, the <b>parents</b> should understand the content and provide <b>guidance</b> on whether their child should watch it. PG-13 is just a way for lazy parents to shirk their responsibilities as parent. PG and PG-13 should effectively be the same thing - the parent decides if it's appropriate or not. We still have the sunrise and sunset. How did it borrow elements from Ghostbusters, which was released two years later? Not much different than James Cameron with Bill Paxton, Michael Biehn, Sigourney Weaver, et al. Four words: "Look at this photograph" I stopped watching after the opening scene of the second episode. I could see exactly where it was going and it was so preposterous. I would say martial arts do work, but can't compensate for extreme differences in size, weight, and strength. That's why there are weight classes in boxing, wrestling, and MMA. Also why there are separate men's and women's classes. There's no way even a heavyweight woman could compete in any men's category. This is one of the reasons that modern "girrrl power" movies fail, when characters like Ellen Ripley (Alien) and Sarah Connor (Terminator) were, and still are, very popular. They overcame their difficulties despite their frailties, in a more realistic way - through determination and hard work, rather than "gurrrl power!" View all replies >