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That's my basic takeaway. It that we see events as they occur separate from Quaid's experience. If this is an implanted memory, indistinguishable from the memory of an actual vacation, then why would he experience events outside of his own perception? The counter argument to this is that if it the procedure had gone wrong, then his mind could certainly invent the experiences. There's no reason you can't dream about things you're not present for. However, this wouldn't explain how Quaid himself would be confused if it's reality or not. If he is experiencing events outside of his perception, as in a dream, then he knows he's not in reality. Is there a specific scene/episode you're referencing here? Also, which one is Sean Hannity? I saw this in during the first run as a "last chance" before it left theaters, so it had been out for a while by the time I watched it. It was a surprise to me. This is also my first reaction. He's an entertainer and it's part of his character. If everyone spoke and moved exactly the same, then no entertainer would stand out from any other. Steve Harvey had a bit in his standup during the 2008 elections that if you're black, then you have an obligation to vote for Obama. He's certainly not a purist when it comes to what's "right" or "best" but rather "what's best for me." This matches very closely with my takeaway from it as well. His speech at the end to Furiosa ties it all together. And yes, there is a father/daughter quality about it, as despicable as that may seem. They show enough for the viewer to know it's disturbing. The opening scene with the motorcycles quartering that unfortunate dude ended in a cloud of dust rather than showing the dismemberment. But we all know what happened there. The roasting thing is interesting. Maybe when it gets to streaming, I'll give it another watch. I used to listen to soundtracks a lot when I was younger in the 90s. The Little Mermaid Indiana Jones an the Last Crusade Star Wars Episode I If it's foot tickling you want to see, you'll have to subscribe to her OnlyFans. I don't think it's so much the cost of going to the movies, but the advances in home theater that make staying home a more attractive option. It's not as bad as it used to be, but in the early days of home theater, the common complaints were dirty theaters with sticky floors and crowds full of distractions. Most people would rather just stay home where they can watch in comfort, free of rude people, where they can pause and go to the bathroom and not miss anything. I will say that this did prompt worthwhile improvements in the movie going experience. If it weren't for the advent of reserved seating and comfortable recliners, I wouldn't even think of going to the cinema. View all replies >