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As I'm watching the news today The perfect woman June 2020: This is streaming free on Amazon Super Bowl Space Odessey They come in threes No posts about Alan Alda? Anybody else keep expecting the kid How much does a Marine Sargeant make? Why no movie on Harvey Weinstein? Oh wait... View all posts >


Graham made an unholy deal with the political right, which have him much fame and wealth. He agreed to preach that socialism was antiamerican because it was atheistic and capitalism was Christian and American. In return, American presidents he l gave him the positing as national minister and confidant. In return was the corollary that atheism was communist and anti American. Graham was not a good man. He politically undercut John Kennedy because he was Catholic and Johnson because he was liberal. He councilmen presidents to fight communism in Vietnam, leading to millions of deaths. He filled generations of LGBT people with self-hatred. This was all bad. A lot of people like to complain at LGBT story lines being written into movies as if it's forced and an imposition upon them. I'm not saying you are going that far but I just wanted to say that such situations have existed forever. I know lots of people who got married and only later learned their spouse was not really attracted to their sex. It has been common. One might rightly ask why were such story lines supposed for so long. If his murdered were in his head the behavior of the RE agent could be in his head, or at least twisted in his head. The movie was already a product placement for the Dodge Challenger Shots of the speedometer are boring and cliched She is a movie star. There's hundreds of millions of people who grew watching her in enormously popular movies. She's married into a beautiful woman. Why is there a question? I don't know what kind of boys you hang out with... The tunnel was the Ft Pitt Tunnel leading into downtown Pittsburgh and the schools was Upper St Clair HS in the South Hills outside of Pittsburgh. I imagine the school looks familiar to lots of people who attended HS in generic buildings like that. Were your racist feelings hurt? I know what SciFi is. Angels don't make it SciFi. View all replies >