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I disagree. Whenever I want to gel optimistic about government, i start watching it again. In fact, after being a cable new junkie for years, after Trump was elected it became impossible for me to watch the news for a long time. Instead, I rewatched the whole WW series again. Wow, Norman Lloyd is still alive? Amazing. Considering he was hired right out of high school, worked full time+ while going to college, was given the family carving knife forged by Paul Revere by the President and as soon as he graduated with a bachelor's degree was appointed a Special Assistant to the President's Chief of Staff, Charlie did pretty well. Shew was young and sweet and beautiful. Any other reason needed? "Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps...: Spike has said that no person of color has ever asked why Mookie smashed the window. They understand the anger and frustration the character was experiencing. I think that Spike knew that he was the one who had to throw the trash can through Sal's window. I note that you referred to "Stalinist" and "Maoist" rather than "communist". The ideal of communism is a stateless society. Of course, that has never been achieved, nor had it been given a chance on a large scale. Also, the ideals of capitalism where an " invisible hand guides business to do good ask the tone had never been achieved, either. Since "The Cotton Club" View all replies >