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Good news and bad news. If you're Happy! and you know it.. Nooooooooo! Cancelled!! Shows or Movies that were so well acted you could believe they were the real people they portrayed TV shows with fantastic endings. RIP Peggy Lipton Getting a remake Crazy things you find on the internet. What shows would you bring back? Most quotable movie? View all posts >


This? [url][/url] You mean like this? [url][/url] The Illuminatus Trilogy - Robert Anton Wilson & Robert Shea. (All the books by Robert Anton Wilson) The Stand - Stephen King Ancient Origins series - Robert Storey The Wheel Of Time series - Robert Jordan The Payne And Jones series - Chris Kuzneski The Enderverse series - Orson Scott Card Momo - Michael Ende Hogg is full of hate. Just look at the pictures of his screwed up angry face and you can see it in him. Even one of his classmates whose sister died in the shooting said that he was "nasty and vile to other people". He also called him out for asking for people to show love towards to him when he was vicious to them. If you think that those opposing Trump are sane then you are very wrong. All threats against Trump are taken seriously by the USSS. Hogg surrounds himself with armed guards when he is on his public jaunts. Pretty hypocritical wouldn't you say? He's not private when he pushes himself and his agenda publicly. He chose a public, not private life. Yw. Haven't seen it. Is it this woman from the cast list? [url][/url] Dogtooth Brazil This. Netflix should probably take it then as they already have the both seasons. I contacted them on Twitter and told them to and also on their help page for requesting shows. I'm sure they will take it if enough people do that also. View all replies >