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Canucks AKA "North Americans" (lol) are so clueless sometimes. The reason the show is called as it is is because it's a widely known expression in the English language -- not a regional thing. Moreover, Canadian shows/movies tend to downplay their Canadianness and disguise their location to appeal to a broader audience. However, the second the first "saurry" popped out of a character's mouth, we knew it was Canadian :) Who's bad? Don't apologize so much. It's valid criticism. Mark my words: One day, Michael Hall shall come out as the Gay King of Gaysville. All shall know him as George Michael Hall. Yeah, but my mistake was not seeing Six Feet Under. It was watching Dexter and somehow having my gaydar go off so strongly that I could swear he's gay, ha. Ok, it didn't NEED to be there per se, but what would it be without? Just a story of Borat going to USA with his daughter? Seems REALLY thin as a story. yeah, I don't understand how they were able to keep filming during quarantine. Spoke too soon :( So you're pissed off about America. Whereas I am speaking to personality. I distinguished between what you might first guess I mean by emptiness -- "fake-ness" -- and what I actually mean: lack of warmth, spirituality, innocence, optimism... lack of feeling of meaning, of caring one lives rather than dies. All relatively speaking. A Briton doesn't care whether one f*cks on the first date. They ask, "Why does it matter? So what, it's just sex." An American is more concerned about it, and in that sense they resemble people in India, Colombia, Nigeria, and China. It's why Kipling pined for the East. To look at an American might be like staring at a trash bin, but to look at a Briton is like staring into the abyss. Lacking magic is a good thing for living but not for storytelling/TV. Watching the original right now, and I don't understand how they're supposed to be comic book geeks. I mean, maybe they're not, but I find the actors cast for the remake better fit the image of geeks. UK shows obviously have a "feel" "vibe" (whatever) that is more to UK taste -- which is fine. As an American, I find it "soul-less" or something. No, not soul-less as in "plastic and fake and superficial" (as Europeans tend to see Americans... as if they were walking McDonalds restaurants colored yellow and red... and as if Americans weren't like the Sopranos characters). No, I mean like just TOO dark. Again they'll say "Yeah, we're dark, we're REAL! Look at our authenticity!" But see, Tony Soprano was dark. But he was also funny, had an innocence at the same time, etc. The UK vibe is like these people whose world is all empty, God-less (and I say that as an atheist)... just drink and f*ck like it's nothing. There's no meaning in life so just f*ck it. I dunno. Americans, by contrast, feel like they believe something, like a little kid believes in Santa Claus. Oh but it's dumb to believe in Sant, right? Americans are "dumb." But when I see a kid that believes in Santa, my feeling towards him/her isn't that he/she is dumb. It's a warm feeling, makes me smile, gives me enthusiasm, gives me hope. British? Nah. It's like some hipsters who already saw the future of how the world ends and they're bored of it. Makes them feel cold, boring, limp, tired. I know I know... that's "real." That feels smart to the British themselves. But most of the rest of the world, to be honest, is attracted to the American feeling. Give a Chinese person a choice and they'll move to USA over UK, no matter what crap things in the uSA the Guardian highlights to show the US decline. Crappy healthcare! People with guns! An orange president! Don't know how to use fork and knife! Not knowing where Bosnia is! So what. They just feel more "at home" in America. Soul is there. View all replies >