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The Wife's Face Love this movie but the Lover... Of course it involves Social Media I keep wanting to turn up the Volume Andrew's Dad Ben Guy doesn't seem all that sorry to me Intriguing Stepping on the flowers in the beginning The people are all so mean to Melinda Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Good. View all posts >


Murder, Rape, Pedophilia, Animal abuse.... Since it is now 2 years later I see that they do not exist here. I will have to continue my search. Our world is so boring. Yet another reason to love him. Definitely and I love her in II. I liked it. But Kurt definitely was my favorite. The boy was my 2nd fave. Thankfully she is in almost the entire film. I was very pleased. I always find it strange that if a person disliked part one that they would then watch part two. I know this is a year old but Definitely! I would watch. You have just explained how sad our world is. Like once you become 65+ you may as well do yourself in. Because even the most beautiful will lose most of it by then. Sure they will still be attractive "for their age" but "If they feel pretty, that's just wishful thinking, self-denial." Thanks for stating the obvious about how depressing life is. Because after that (or in many cases before) we die. Not sure you should have children just in case they are "not particularly pretty" or good looking. He looked the most human maybe? View all replies >