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Back when the original came out it was scary because we weren't yet desensitized. It was a subtle scare. Also, they didn't rely as much on special effects which have come very far. The original Batman was nothing like the Batman we have now either. It's just common sense. Well... maybe not to us. Bullying is never OK even if people think they are correct. It's still wrong. Trump may be goofy and do things that are questionable but even he should not be bullied. It shows the Bullies character more than the "victims" character. I do not identify with either Party. I am a Political Atheist. But I do hate bullying. It could probably prevent that reaction if the Bully admitted what he did and apologized. In front of the entire school. It wouldn't make her forget but it could help. It would at least let her gain her dignity back even though it wasn't her fault. In reality he should be the one humiliated for being a disgusting human being. We will never know for sure though because it is extremely rare for bullies to ever apologize. They usually carry it into their adult lives and then raise mini bullies (It's probably due to a personality disorder). Luckily it's a movie and not real life. But it's always nice to see a bully get theirs. I actually like KS and did not like the film. Considering Snow White is now actually 207 Charlize's 15 years would not really make a big difference. Oh, I totally agree with you. And I love Strangers on a Train. One of my favorite movies. I was just explaining to the person who said it wasn't a twist why I believe they meant it to be a twist. Which maybe they didn't. Who knows? I was happy with the non twist regardless. ;) I think there is especially when still in High School if they are 6' or over. I grew 6" over the summer of my junior year & ended up 5'7" (Which I don't think is even that tall). I was teased by mostly girls and a couple of guys. But only by those who had their own issues. It didn't bother me because before that I was called shorty or some other silly nickname. That's just life in school world. But I did see how it could have gotten out of hand if I had been super tall. I think it would've bothered me more. My Grandfather's sister was 6' so I was concerned. I can definitely see guys finding them attractive though. Many men love dating tall girls. But they did mean it to be a twist because why does she need Pyewacket and all the spell mumbo jumbo if she was just going to kill the mom herself? If it was expected all along why bother making the movie about spells at all? If they purposefully made that so obvious - and it wasn't a twist - it could have just been a Girl kills Mom movie. I get what this person is saying. The thing with the Haunting (1999), though, is it is memorable because of the original 1963 version. So people should be aware of it unless they don't like classic horror of course. Which would just be sad. If that is the case hey have other serious issues than just liking this movie. View all replies >