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I keep wanting to turn up the Volume Andrew's Dad Ben Guy doesn't seem all that sorry to me Intriguing Stepping on the flowers in the beginning The people are all so mean to Melinda Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Good. BOYS: This film was written, produced, and directed by a man View all posts >


I can't believe it's only been 3 years. It feels so much longer. I plan on liking 2 better because of the Supernatural angle. The <spoiler>Bad Ronald</spoiler> twist of the 1st one didn't do it for me. I have to agree with this. It's one thing during the day when you have a huge business meeting that you might be preparing for. You have a gazillion things on your mind. Your routine changed because Dad couldn't drive him to daycare, ETC. And even that is unusual but it does happen. However, this situation was ridiculous. She put a fan on herself but never thought to go see if the baby was also hot? Even if your baby sleeps well you would still check on them. Sure she fell asleep but it's just not realistic. They should've chosen another way. Like she rolled over on him or something. LiquidOcelot are you seriously calling someone names and then saying they are not smart? That is hilarious. . I am in the minority that couldn't take the first Chucky seriously to begin with. Never found him scary at all. Goofy like Gomer Pyle trying to be tough or at best Raggedy Andy. So I thought I would give it another try with a new Chucky. Well...sure in the end. But at first they were trying to replace his Evil Genes or something like that. Which was actually kind of interesting. Too bad it didn't work. Back when the original came out it was scary because we weren't yet desensitized. It was a subtle scare. Also, they didn't rely as much on special effects which have come very far. The original Batman was nothing like the Batman we have now either. It's just common sense. Well... maybe not to us. Bullying is never OK even if people think they are correct. It's still wrong. Trump may be goofy and do things that are questionable but even he should not be bullied. It shows the Bullies character more than the "victims" character. I do not identify with either Party. I am a Political Atheist. But I do hate bullying. View all replies >