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Great film! How many more times are they going to recast Ivy? Ryan Eggold leaves "The Blacklist" A politically correct mess Very good in "Wonder Woman" and in the "Fast and Furious" franchise Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy The new Pennywise looks like an evil cartoon clown What's with all of the ads? Miles Teller's best since "Whiplash" and Jonah Hill's best since "21 Jump Street" Way too many sexual jokes (that were crude and mostly unfunny) View all posts >


As dt123 said, the spinoff was cancelled...after just one season. Scottie Hargrave ended up going to prison too while her husband took over her business. Ryan Eggold's character Tom, however, has since been killed off from the show entirely and isn't coming back. Before being cast as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot had a co-starring role in the Fast and Furious film series (films four through six) and eventually became Han's girlfriend in the sixth entry. Unfortunately, however, her character died toward the end of the sixth film. The way I see it, DC should be thanking her for bringing some much needed energy, action, and enthusiasm back into their films considering how badly they have been struggling against competitors like Marvel. I also agree with you that BvS and Suicide Squad were terrible films!! You raise some very good points! As I mentioned to the above poster, this reminded me of when they "killed" Liz only for us to find out that she never really died. Tom came very close to revealing to Liz what was in the suitcase, only for both of them (Tom and Liz) to get ambushed before Tom could make the revelation. The biggest concerns I have at this point, however, is the cadaver tag that they put over Tom's toe, along with putting his body in one of those storage containers...all indications that he could possibly be dead at this point, or just barely alive. I guess we'll have to find out in a few months! EDIT: Ryan Eggold tweeted "I love you" to fans of "The Blacklist" tonight, therefore confirming the death of his longtime character, Tom Keen. EDIT: Ryan Eggold tweeted "I love you" to fans of "The Blacklist" tonight, therefore confirming the death of his longtime character, Tom Keen. Spacey's career is effectively over. There is no coming back for him after this. The same can be said for Weinstein, Ratner, and all of the other creeps that have been called out with solid evidence against them. My point was that MacFarlane had to have some insight on Spacey and Jenner's personal lives to basically make jokes about them in that manner. Nobody would have predicted or even attempted to satirize that kind of stuff that far back in advance if they didn't. I don't think it will happen. I'm honestly surprised that Netflix even renewed it after the first season. The acting is cheesy and the storyplots are weak. Their lead star Jennette McCurdy has also literally fallen off the map entirely. The only thing she posts online anymore are random location photos. Makes me wonder if she is suffering from depression or something. Maybe if she didn't blacklist herself by taking near nude photos of herself and then trashing her ex-boyfriend Andre Drummond, then she'd probably be doing more than just Netflix shows. Aside from being an attractive and successful actress in two franchises ("Fast and Furious" and the DC Films) Gal Gadot fought in the Israeli army as well. This known fact about her was actually referenced in "Wonder Woman." Yeah it's not really a huge deal to me either. I have two adblockers on my browser which generally filter out a good amount of unwanted content anyway. For a while, AdBlock Plus wasn't compatible with Firefox, so I downloaded another one called "Ultimate Adblocker" which works great. It looks, however, that AdBlock Plus has since updated their extension as it now seems to be blocking ads again. Agreed. Speaking of which, Bill Skarsgard actually talked about that on a recent episode of "Conan." I believe he mentioned that his brother had some sort of inspiration behind it. This adaptation was still WAY too much of a cartoon based killer clown though. Completely laughable! View all replies >