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Yes Marie is alive and working Vegas, and I'd rather have a queue of men behind me. :) Whoo-Hoo! Thanks, I hadn't gotten around to scrolling THAT far down! Well I'm just giving a choice between deleting threads or directing them elsewhere. Some people avoid the Soapbox because of people venting about misc. topics, some people love it. eBay keeps it around just for that reason, even moves off-topic posts over there when they show up on another topic-specific board. Which is pretty rare. On eBay, most boards are selling, buying, PayPal, or category-related. They have one board called The Soapbox, a haven for misc musings, funny things, politics and rants. A Soapbox here would be a great idea, maybe attract most of the religious or politics or fluffy posts away from here. Mine is... self-explanatory. Though when Marie Osmond signed an autograph for me she wrote "To blue eyes..." because of my dazzling blue eyes. And my name is David. Other than Marie, again, self-explanatory. Please put this site in your bookmarks, your bookmarks toolbar on top and whatever smart phone users do to bookmark a site! That way there'll be no fumbling around to find it and this will become as much of a go-to site as IMDb once was. Don't let it be a passing fancy. I also don't care if IMDb brings boards back. First, sites rarely admit they're wrong... eBay messed up their help/discussion boards several times over the last few years, and will never admit they made things worse. This is different, I don't think the Boards were just a "small feature" of IMDb, something they would quickly reverse on. I think it was much a bigger part therefore their ego may not be able to swallow their mistake. GCC, General Cinemas starting in about 1980. Mostly a cashier, we just had ticket rolls and a wooden cash box, nothing electronic or automated back then. We counted the first ticket # and the last and compared them to the cash for reads. I'm also the guy that stood on a 20 ft. ladder and spelled/squeezed "The Year of Living Dangerously" on the marquee! I later went back to work for them and the Admiral Twin drive-in, when Coppola filmed "The Outsiders" there. I only spoke to Francis (he let's me call him Francis) on the phone once. But our bosses wouldn't let us be in the film, all the managers squeezed themselves in the concession scene, Bah! Odd memory: When "Poltergeist" was playing about 90% of the ticket-buyers couldn't pronounce it! They asked for "two tickets to... Polygrip or whatever"! Edit: Oh and the concession stands had wooden cash boxes too, NO registers. If you wanted a lg popcorn, 3 med. drinks, 1 Jr. Mints, 2 Sugar Babies, we'd have to add up $4.25, $2.25 x 3, $1.75 and $1.50 x 2 in our heads! And quickly say, That'll be $13.50!" Oh crud, I went there today to see the exact date that "Cleopatra" (1963) was released on. I could've Wiki'd that just as easily. :( I just watched "Resident Evil: Retribution" (2012). In fact I made the first post on it's page here. It's lonely being the only one posting, but also I feel like a pioneer! I think it's worth a try, everything big starts from something small and untested. I'm sure it's been said infinitum, but I had the IMDb boards as my bookmark! Only later would I sometimes venture out to the main page. I'm even fine with some censoring of words to cut back on the trolls. If I say a character is f***ing stupid for entering a dark house everyone gets the idea! People always work around cuss words but I bet it's not near as fun for trolls if they can't actually type it out! But I agree with changing the colors and logo eventually, when it establishes an identity of it's own. View all replies >