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“Accidentally on purpose” is an idiom we’ve said for as long as I can recall. To use in a sentence: “S/he said ‘It was an accident!’ Yeah, right! An accident on purpose! S/he can’t fool me!” <b>The phrase “accidentally on purpose” means to do something deliberately but pretend that it was an accident. In other words, it means that the person doing something intentionally and is successful in pretending that it is an accident.</b> No quotes needed! Thank you much for helping me explain to the ignorant masses, those who ask <i>”So what if they are Marxist?”</i>, the dangers of Marxism. Why of course! ☺️😉 But, I am curious about your reference to “accidentally on purpose”. Can you believe this question from thread: <i>”So, why don't you support Black Lives Matter?”</i> ElSofoque <i>”So what if they are Marxist? Some of you say this thinking it amounts to an argument.”</i> <b>”So what if they are Marxist?</b> It’s going to take someone with more knowledge than me to articulate the dangers of Marxism/Communism. I located some info. God help us if people like you become in complete control of our country, a Republic! <i>And yet, very few in the West have truly come to grips with what has happened in history when Marxists get their way. We all know about the horrors of Nazi Germany but the slaughter of 100 million people by communist regimes of the twentieth century seems not to have registered. 3 Specifically, historians now estimate, only as a starting point, 61 million deaths in the Soviet Union, 38.6 million in China, two million in Cambodia (then called the Khmer Rouge), 1.6 million in North Korea, and 1.2 million in Yugoslavia. 4 We know lots about Hitler — who his girlfriend was, what kind of music he listened to — but virtually nothing about Lenin, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot, or the others in Communism’s panoply.</i> You’ve also have bought their Marxists lies hook, line, and sinker! Watch the links I posted to the OP. Are you serious? If so, you have bought their lies hook, line and sinker! BLM is a Marxist domestic terrorist group of thugs! <b>Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained Marxist’</b> If you care to watch: <b>Gun-Wielding Protesters Point Weapons At Motorists, Indianapolis Leaders Stay Silent</b> As per Matilda in a prior post: <b>”Having personal views is one thing. But there's usually a lack of common sense in people's arguments. Several political views I hear contain selfish and silly reasons.”</b> At least a red neck works! You are aware of how the term “red neck” became part of our lexicon. <i>”Get with the times.”</i> You are joking of coarse! Never will I “get” with BLM...a Marxist domestic terrorist group of thugs! Never main stream! That’s akin to Pol Pot telling the Cambodians to <i>“Get with the times.”</i> I take from your comment people who think like me need to be re-educated. We need to erect re-education camps so we can <i>“Get with the times”</i> Read and educate yourself! It’s people like you who permitted Castro to come to power. <b>Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained Marxist’</b> "accidentally on purpose"? Was this an error? “ “Shirley” you don’t mean Matilda? If “your“ equating me with Matilda, well...😢😭😭 The duel will be at 7:00 AM. You choose the wet noodle! BTW, “whose” your second? 😉 View all replies >