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The 1992 Election Spoiler Ross Perot Has Died Wayfair Employees Threaten Walkout Over Sales to Migrant Detention Contractor Cell Phones Causing Horn Like Growths On The Back Of Teens Heads! A Florida Man Was Attacked And Killed By A Bird Often Referred To As A "Living Dinosaur" As Others Have Noted Today Is D Day Honor Those Who Gave Their All 🌺 And View The Other Side Of The Viet Nam Memorial Wall For Memorial Day Dedicate A Poppy To A Veteran Living Or Deceased I’m Replacing All Of My Incandescent & CFL Light Bulbs With Vintage LED Bulbs OK Fellow MCers, I Sent The Vile, Malicious PM To The Mods Okay Folks....You Can Choose To Believe Or Not. View all posts >


Odd isn’t it, decades old (before Titanic) wooden ship’s remains are found? How do they last longer than steel structures? See the following: Also of interest if you have time to spare....The sinking of the Titanic in real time: As mentioned prior, the dental hygienist cleans the teeth....then flosses. S/he doesn’t floss first. Besides leaning over a sink and properly flossing is rather awkward; debris will still “fly”. Why not just start with a brushed rinsed mouth prior to flossing? Why deal with all the gunk before brushing? Actually you don’t. It’s the other way around. We’ve used a Sonicare since becoming available, continuing to purchase new ones. It loosens debris if used correctly and changing brush heads when needed. My husband flosses before and it irks the hell out of me; debris on the nightstands, on the lamp, on the clock radio, etc. I proved to him there is hardly any debris when brushing and rinsing first. Rinse, brush and then floss. Flossing first is messy. Most of the debris is removed by brushing and rinsing first. When you floss first you’re slinging yucky debris all over the place. Look at your mirror when you floss first! Eww! My dog either lost my car/truck keys or swallowed them. We have to see what turns up or out. 🥴 Whew! Getting rather warm...🙆‍♀️ 🥵 Darlin’ I wasn’t aiming at you! Only if it’s this 😘 while whispering sweet nothin’s in your ear. Be still beating heart when my Shoggie speaks! Pit-a-pat...Pit-a-pat! 💓💓 Ain’t no lady! That’s for damn sure! You have one foul mouth! 🤮 Please clean it! There’s a way to get your points across without being so damn profane! Good Grief! Filmboards would welcome you with open arms. Best of luck to you! View all replies >