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Yet Again When Government Puts Its Nose Into Private Companies The People Suffer! This Wee Bit Of Raunch Is Dedicated To All You Guys Who Replied To My Prior OP OMGosh! I Had To Ask! So Here’s The Answer To Why Men Grab Their Crotch All The Time! Well, Hallelujah! Will Wonders Never Cease! There Is A Chance To Beat The WOKE Nuts! Biden’s Border Policy! You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! A Compilation Of Videos Showing A Person Pulled From His Crashed Truck! Biden’s Border Plan Biden’s Secretary of State Regarding the WHO Report Some Interesting Infomation For When Stricker Gun Control Is Enacted! Firearms Used In Self Defense Out Number Those Used In Crimes! View all posts >


Thank you once again for an intelligent factual post. There are some of us on this board who have fighting the useless wearing of masks for over a year! But, as usual the Democrat lemmings on this board (Tilly for one) who are worshipers of Lord Fauci deem us as traitors. They bow to his whims. We have posted documented evidence the wearing of masks is futile against the virus. There are times I feel the Borg have taken over! There were medical personnel who were terminated from their jobs for informing the public the wearing of masks is a false security against the virus. Facebook and Twitter banned posters from speaking the truth. I have questioned many people who are required to wear them for work. Not one person responded with a positive. Instead “They are uncomfortable. They make me nauseous. They give me a headache.” Not surprising when you’re inhaling what you’ve just exhaled! I’ve witnessed healthcare workers wearing their masks pulled below their noses. I personally spoke to an ER nurse who is/was required to wear a haz-mat suit from head to toe along with donning a face shield. Yet she acquired the virus. How? Through her eyes! Apparently the spores made their way to her eyes traveling up and under her face shield! Also, the worshipers of Lord Fauci tend to forget the virus can live for hours if not days on hard surfaces. I ceased taking as fact when Lord Fauci was changing his mind every other week! If not from Fauci, someone advised us to wear masks during sex! Passengers were escorted off planes if they raised their masks to eat or drink the food brought with them when they boarded! Every pandemic through out history has had to run its course. What is maddening about this virus is the fact it became political. A sitting POTUS was ousted over comments made about the virus. The world, mostly this country has gone stark raving mad! BTW, warrior-poet the word you are looking for and is less crass is “flatus”. 😉 No comments from the alt-left Democrat peanut gallery! Why am I not surprised? They could at least do what they are best at doing: Deny, Dismiss, Deflect, and/or Dumbfound! They’re salivating over what they believe is new Russia, Russia, Russia news re:Trump’s campaign. But, nary a word about a hooligan Hispanic attempting to murder an Asian cop. And Tilly loves Asians so much! Where are you, Tilly, UltraViolet, Yatzo, et al I need to inform you...the word “wise” should not be used by you. It should not be in your lexicon. <i>“That gun was in the boy's hand when a police officer shot him in the chest, according to Assistant State's Attorney James Murphy.” Nearby surveillance video captured the moment Roman fired shots at a passing vehicle while Toledo stood by his side on the corner of 24th Street and Sawyer Avenue early on the morning of March 29, according to prosecutors. They also said police body camera video, which will be shown to Toledo's family before the public, captured the moments an officer told the boy to repeatedly to quote "drop it." The video reportedly shows Toledo stopped with his left side facing the officer. Prosecutors described the teen having a gun in his right hand, and said when he turned towards the officer, the officer shot Toledo in the chest.</i> <i>The video, according to police, shows a gun in Toledo's right hand as he nears an open area of fence next to an empty lot. Toledo turns to his left, toward the officer, and what police say is the gun disappears behind his right side. Toledo begins to raise his hands as he's facing the officer when the officer fires his weapon. From the time police said the gun was first visible on body-worn camera footage in Toledo's hand, to the time the officer fired his weapon, was eight tenths of a second. In that period of time, his right arm disappears behind the fence before he begins to raise both hands.</i> <i>”What Adam "deserved" was counseling, community services, and probation, and boot camp! And for his parents to be charged with a fine for allowing a minor to have a gun. If he violates his probation (causes any more trouble), perhaps a year in juvy.”</i> Would this be after he shot the cop or someone else? So, your solution to the situation is for the cop to have holstered his weapon, then yell to the kid “You’re just a kid. You don’t know any better. So take your best shot at me or anyone else who happens to walk by. It’s OK to shoot me because I’m a brutal cop and won’t be considered a victim. But, if I shoot you while you’re taking aim at me then you’ll be the victim. Got that straight? OK take your best shot now! Then after I’m dead or someone else is you won’t be charged cause you’re just a kid!” Huh? I now Christen thee, Rambling Tilly! The 13 year old kid was NOT a victim! Geez! So spilling a glass of milk equates to holding a gun and possibly killing a cop or someone else! Damn I never thought of it that way. You are such a pearl of wisdom. Please, please don’t have kids. One Tilly is enough to deal with and we don’t need you spawning more little Tillys. 🙇🏼‍♀️ Yep! Kids will be kids so just let them shoot & kill whomever they wish. After all they are just kids! How about this Tilly, the next time a cop faces a situation where he could be gunned down, have him call your number if he has it and you can put yourself between the kid and the cop. You can then become the target. Maybe the kid has good aim. There you go twisting the facts. The victims were SIX Asian women, one White woman and a man. Yes, he should be the nearest firing squad! He’s a worthless pos who doesn’t deserve to breathe any more air other than to get to the firing squad. People like you vote and that scares the hell out of me! Have you heard the calling yet? Your village has been on a quest searching for you. Please find Tilly, please. Finally, an intelligent explanation and not just running with the “gotcha moment” headline. Twist the same old story just by rearranging the words. From PBS at the very end of the article: <i>”It was not clear what new information, if any, led to the Treasury Department’s assessment that Kilimnik had “provided the Russian Intelligence Services with sensitive information on polling and campaign strategy.” A Treasury Department spokesman did not return an email seeking comment.”</i> This would give any rational person pause. So your logic is blame the victim. Gotcha! BTW, you don’t have to be in a bad area to be a victim of a crime. Does home invasions ring a bell? Does being followed home and being assaulted/murdered in your driveway ring a bell? Does being grabbed in a Walmart parking lot ring a bell? Does working at a convenience store or fast food place and being murdered ring a bell? Or to use your example does being murdered in a spa ring a bell? are stupid! And you can’t fix stupid! And you are a nitwit Tilly! If someone points a gun at a human target they deserve to get what is coming. If that means be it. If the facts bear out he was holding a gun and refused to drop it he deserved what he got. Remember he was running with a 21 year old who was shooting at vehicles. You are so damn quick to judge situations you know nothing about. Maybe one of these days you will find yourself a victim and be screaming for help from the brutal police. I hope they don’t hear you. Maybe, just maybe if he had better parenting he wouldn’t be dead. And that goes for every parent. What in the hell is a 13 year old kid doing with a low life 21 year old who was shooting at cars? Where was his mother? Maybe, just maybe if more sperm donors took responsibility for whom they sire there wouldn’t so many Black & Brown kids dying. I just watched a program where a single mother has six kids. How many sperm donors are involved? Birth control is free. Whites have fast caught up with being irresponsible. It’s a proven fact when there is a two parent home, kids do better and the whole family is less likely to be in poverty. I still believe if a 13 year old kid aims a gun at me...he deserves what is going to happen...he’s going to be shot. As I wrote before once that kid aims that gun at someone he’s no different than an adult...he can still shoot to kill. The officer pleaded with this kid to no avail. View all replies >