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Same rules over here in the UK Armand Van Helden-My My My Original Gary Wright- Comin’ Apart My-My-My was a popular dance record back in the day, but the original song it’s based on I think went by largely unnoticed and forgotten about. Vera Lynn (103) I second Clash of the Titans, one of my top 10 films to and the remake was appalling. I think he’s a good actor but his movies are all a bit tainted for me because he’s a narcissistic ass hole who spends half his time with a violent sociopathic cult leader. 21. Eruption- Party Party Some interesting topics come up on GD. Also most of the movies and TV shows I watch or have an interest in don’t get discussed on here on the individual discussion boards so GD is the only place I bother going on to. Reading (1988-1989) Nottingham (1989-present) Not lived many places, still live in the same house I moved into when I was 1. I enjoyed school, both primary and secondary. Sometimes I do miss it. I never went to prom, because we didn’t really have one at either school. At Christmas we had a school disco at primary school which was fun, me and this guy Daniel used to nick sweets from the DJ. We used to do a class party at secondary school and go to restaurants and stuff at Christmas but a prom or disco was a bit difficult because they didn’t have room for it: my secondary school was in an old church building and wasn't really suitable. They moved out of the church the year I left….then sadly the school closed down for good a few years later and the place they moved to is now a housing estate. From what I heard even Ian Fleming was a bit iffy about the Spy Who Loved Me and the Bond movie producers had an agreement with him they wouldn't do it faithfully as a movie. View all replies >