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Big Brother! I hate that show and was quite pleased when Channel 5 got round to pulling the plug on that dreary depressing rubbish. Being forced to sit and watch that none stop would be torture Not even if it's like the sort of woman I described? ^This^ Have you read the original books Allaby? I've got a phobia of Rats Flying Rats aka Pigeons Dogs Houses with outdated decor I had to turn down looking after a kindly old ladies cat because her house grosses me out, she's a nice person but it looks like her house was last decorated in about 1974 and the old furniture and garish carpets and horrible wallpaper just makes me feel like I'm going to get a disease. Oddly enough I'm fine looking round National Trust houses and a lot of that stuff is probably from a lot before 1970 whatever. Sure are: Brilliant news for me, finally something trending on here that I actually have a opinion on and enjoy reading what people have to say being a big James Bond fan and all that. Well if it was only lets say for 10 minutes at the start of the movie as a one off one time deal then what's the big deal? Well we'll have to wait and see Although with all the SJW wokeness crap going on I wouldn't be surprised if Lynch does become the replacement for Bond in future movies I have a huge collection of vinyl: I agree with the OP, I actually don’t think vinyl sounds better I just find it to be a more fun medium over digital. I’m probably a bit of an outsider preference wise though, the bulk of my collection is Disco, Funk and Soul stuff from the 70s and 80s. View all replies >