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Michael Viners Incredible Bongo Band- Apache (Original 'The Shadows') Eruption- Runaway (Original by 'Del Shannon') Chilly- For your love (Original 'The Yarbirds') I agree on Lord of the Rings, J.R. Tolkien isn't my cup of tea in general though. I don't really get the big deal with Hitchcock's Psycho either, I mean the shower scene is classic but the rest of the movie is tedious and boring and terribly out dated. Over here in the UK, most of our shows have only 6 episodes a series so 9-10 sounds pretty reasonable if you ask me. I mostly use MP3s but I also collect vinyl records. MP3 I use more often because it's a more practical format. Never got into music streaming, I prefer owning an actual copy of song's Nah: Philip Pullman isn't really my cup of tea. Big Brother! I hate that show and was quite pleased when Channel 5 got round to pulling the plug on that dreary depressing rubbish. Being forced to sit and watch that none stop would be torture Not even if it's like the sort of woman I described? ^This^ Have you read the original books Allaby? View all replies >