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Didn't police search warrant the entire house at the end? Who was the maid's husband sending morse codes to? Wait, were we supposed to think that Mookie did the right thing? JD's brother tells him he has to grow up The most unrealistic thing in this movie. Why doesn't Dave rescue Frank after he gets control of the ship again? At the end, why was Captain America excluded from the rule they made when they first decided to time travel? Last ever role is gonna be in a superhero movie? Why didn't Vision and Heimdall appear in the final battle? Did the recent Manbearpig episodes retroactively make the original episode and the Imaginationland trilogy worse? View all posts >


If you're shocked at that, look at it's rank on Letterboxd. Man, that site as gone down the drain the last few years. Hurray. That means Shrek is definitely dead. More like 5 million. And tons of popular "news" sites. Spike Lee seems to think so... According to an rag who nobody reads anymore. We all won it back in 2006, btw. As did Hitler some time in the 30s. It's just a load of politicized knee-jerk nonsense. I wonder if Scorsese's older movies would have been a lot longer if he had the full creative control he finally have here. There is a lot of hearsay about Walt Disney too which lots of people regard as flimsy. By this logic, Disney as a company should be shut down. Umm, not being a complete dumbshit and leave fucking evidence as reading material when taking a crap in his house. The End Rogue One is the worst of them all. Yeah. At the same time, the storyline between Tony and Melfi has also run it's course. Their conversations were no longer interesting. It should have also ended (or at least stopped making her a main character) after season 5. You could tell at the end they had no idea how to close the storyline so they just decided out of the blue within a single episode that she would get the revelation that Tony is not a 3 dimensional character, but a total psychopath. Terrible writing. View all replies >