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carano has real lines on camera, but i wouldnt call it acting i felt like he was most likely not a murderer. i got the impression he just liked messing with the cops i understand why most didnt like it but it worked for me i liked the unpredictable ending and i am very picky with movies.... my big fat greek wedding friday i confuse emily blunt with michelle mognahan every woke person body shames trump ive never had a sip of coffee do what u want to me, but leave the girl alone! i liked lethal weapon 2 a ton back then i was wondering why the bad guys parked their ship a mile away and walked so much further than necessary in the opening scene yep i was waiting to hear why theyre racist The Man from Earth 2007 · 1hr 27min · Fantasy/Sci-Fi 7.9/10 dogs just arent expensive enough i thought if u had a cool car u would want people to see u driving it thats good news i wanted to like it, but it was just a waste of time sheena the queen of the jungle by tonya roberts yeah i dont want anything on my skin permanently theres some cool artwork out there, just not that cool sure beats sucking smoke into your lungs wonder how long it takes to hit u