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what a shitty ending standard 5/10 ending? pretty damn funny terrible hilarious post apocalyptic... SPOILER pretty funny actually View all posts >


its primarily used for piracy with the right add-ons it will give u movies and tv shows hosted on piracy sites last time i tried it it didnt work that well, lots of dead links and buffering anything kodi did can be done in a browser https://kodi.tv/download brigsby bear binged GOT 6 times eastbound and down twice i concur with all points 5/10 good nostalgia, but not funny i did not lol once the one where deniro was dicaprios dad crocodile tears carano has real lines on camera, but i wouldnt call it acting i felt like he was most likely not a murderer. i got the impression he just liked messing with the cops i understand why most didnt like it but it worked for me i liked the unpredictable ending and i am very picky with movies.... View all replies >