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It seemed way long and Charlize Theron's talked too much. Chris kicked ass I'm glad he survived and got away I was convinced Chris wouldn't survive his ordeal. Or his friend when he showed up. I was relieved they made it. I posted just under a week ago and was about to post again. No reply so far. I totally agree with you. Let's not make this a forum to disrespect people in movies or tv. Minutes into watching this movie online, and not knowing what it was about, I was really liking it. It was consistent with the action scences and I plan to watch it again very soon. Thanks It was way too long and I lost interest. Can you explain the plot in brief? Neither like or disliked. Just didn't understand any of it. Colin Farrell made it bearable. Hopefully more people who used the imdb message boards will discover this site. View all replies >