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So maybe Marty was riding his skateboard passed Docs garage one day and heard him try out the huge amplifier. Being a guitar player and a curious teenager, he decided to go check it out. Doc being Doc did like he did in the 50's, pulled Marty inside and made him help with some thing or the other and they just happened to hit it off. I mean.. Libya is in northern Africa. MENA, sure but not arabs. Are you perhaps American? Well hello there fellow Browncoat! Are you perhaps in the Big Damn Browncoats (Ain't We Just) group on Bookface? I agree wholeheartedly with all three angles you present. That's kinda the problems I have with the DCEU, I mean; "Why so serious?". You don't have to go to school to study something. But if this was the 90's, Chris Stuckmann and Doug Walker would be two of the most read film critics in the world. I don't always agree with either of them, but if you watch their reviews you'll see that they know what they're talking about. You see, there's a huge difference between someone like Jake Paul who as millions of subs because people like watching douchebags being douchebags, and someone line Chris who as millions of subs because people actually wants to hear what he has to say. You sound like an elitist boomer. No matter how much darkness nor how much grit you put in a Batman film, it's still about a scared man dressed as a bat punching people in the face. It will be at least a bit "stupid" and if you go overboard with dark and gritty, it ends up being not "stupid" but straight up stupid. But yeah, for all intents and purposes we seem to be on the same page. I think they mostly danced on the tipping point and often enough went over it. It's comic book films, they come with at least some cheese no matter how you slice it. Or grate it. You can do whatever you want with your cheese. You put the finger on my biggest gripe with Nolans Batman. It's about a guy in a rubber batsuit. Realism has nothing to do in a Batman film. Ever gone on a roller coaster with a woman? Women sound like that when they scream. At least BoP had the decency to rip off a good and fun comic book movie, namely Deadpool. BoP has some fun parts, the police station scene is freaking epic. The larger fight towards the end totally sucked. I saw WW84 like two weeks ago and can't really remember anything except things that I get reminded of, and the rape of Handsome Guy. I saw BoP, I don't know - when was it released on VoD, but remember almost the whole film. If they hadn't been stupid, the movie have ended with them not letting the infected back and everything would have be fine and dandy. View all replies >