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You can go back further. Just look at Motown. Here's a little secret; Good science fiction is always about the people. Ever seen any SF show ever before? My biggest problem is that post-production is beyond sucky and looks shot on phones or action cameras. I put off seeing IM3 for the longest time because everyone said it was as bad as Thor 2. But I really liked IM3. Sure, I understand the flack but to me who really doesn't care about stuff like that it was a gay old time. Yes. Except for Freddy. And that's because they already were a family. Then they became fire forged friends. Did you even watch the film? You're welcome. I agree that Shazam is better than Captain Marvel. But much to my surprise, I actually liked Captain Marvel. Sure, it was run of the mill like so many other Marvel films but it wasn't bad. Top half of the Marvel films for me. And Shazam might be the best DC film so far. Three Robots were so good. So so good. What I'd like to see more of is the Thomas Wayne version of Batman from Flashpoint. I watched it on a regular Samsung FullHD and it looks horrible. I can really see how cheap and game like the VFX are. View all replies >