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Auntie and Uncle? Deep Focus Lens review I have a film that I can't recall from my youth too! Survivor cancelled? No. Best film I've seen in 2019! Sorry, bad. Cool way to introduce the flashbacks... Lynch to win Oscar award, finally Great! View all posts >


Okay. What percentage of this years’ Trump voters will age out before 2024? 😉 I mean, if you aren’t anti-fascist, then what does that make you?!! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Did you ever watch it? You shouldn't be deterred by the found footage genre in this particular case. It's a really good horror film. I think it's actually become my personal favorite horror movie ever, believe it or not, and I've seen some films. Aha! Well, it was foreign to me, clearly. Thanks! I see what you did there! I don't think those temp gun things are very accurate, other than maybe occasionally identifying individuals with unusually high temps. In my job, I now regularly have to take others' temperature using one of these devices, and you get some pretty weird results. I suppose there are probably better sources, but I always read Amazon reviews of books to satisfy this need for myself. I drink water like crazy when the temperature is elevated, just naturally. A gallon does seem like a lot. Have you been generally healthy over the time? I have a notion that a lot of mystery illness is actually just dehydration caused by people simply not drinking enough water. Inara George, that is all. I'm old. This was my favorite something: [url]https://youtu.be/iab9YKocUcw[/url] View all replies >