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No. Best film I've seen in 2019! Sorry, bad. Cool way to introduce the flashbacks... Lynch to win Oscar award, finally Great! I watch Jeopardy every day!! Best ending since "Jupiter and beyond the infinite" I’ve seen worse crap! My nose hurts. View all posts >


The emergence of digital media has made physical media less relevant, therefore vinyl becomes the most "useful" of the physical media due to its bigger art/nicer package. It’s my favorite holiday. It’s like Christmas without all the gift giving awkwardness, which ruins Christmas for me. Yes, let’s all get together and spend time together and eat, my kind of holiday! Or,...? People who are easily offended offend me. Acknowledging I have not seen this, whereas "Passengers" was perhaps "The Shining" in space, perhaps this was an attempt at "Apocalypse Now" in space? Flash forward, Seinfeld wins easily, game over, you're welcome. 'Just a general tip I think you could benefit a lot from, don't be so shallow. Carry on. Here's the thing about men that a lot of women simply do not seem to understand. Men come evolutionarily prewired to engage in behaviors intended to maximize the number of sexual encounters they will put themselves in. This is not voluntary behavior, we are specifically designed to do this. Any man that reports to you that he does not suffer from this deficiency is, flatly, full of it. Evolution does not care one iota about the quality of our relationships, it only cares about maximizing the number of offspring produced by a particular species. Does this mean that monogamy is impossible? Of course not! When viewed through the correct perspective though, everything suddenly makes a whole lot of sense. It's bad. Someone should've recognized this was a stinker and pulled the plug early on. How this made it all the way through production is beyond me... Because Lucas killed the franchise's soul, and Disney killed franchise's genuineness. View all replies >