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Lynch to win Oscar award, finally Great! I watch Jeopardy every day!! Best ending since "Jupiter and beyond the infinite" I’ve seen worse crap! My nose hurts. Congratulations, Sam!! Hokum A dish best served cold... (spoilers) Bernie gonna run! View all posts >


People seemed to like FDR back in the day. They couldn't get him out of office!! Socially democratic principles are basically capitalism with guardrails. November, the heat has finally pissed off and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! The House That Jack Built had the best ending I've seen in a long time. I also liked the ending to the recent film, A Dark Song. How? It hasn't ended yet... Hell, Trebek's constantly clumsily revealing his misogynistic side, but what are you gonna do? You gotta love 'im! My Bodyguard. I was obsessed with The Elephant Man, I watched it every time I found it on. Long before I even knew who David Lynch even was. 'Just good for a laugh, is all... Personally, I wouldn't watch CNN or Maddow if you paid me. (Well, okay, maybe...) I like the independent stuff. Pakman is my guy. I love how conservative depictions of libs are always either total misfires or complete projections. They're really just feeling around in the dark... Willem DaFoe played such a convincing Vincent Van Gogh in the recent At Eternity's Gate it made the entire film! View all replies >