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Lol, I thought you meant she was drunk They literally made fun of her in front of him about that. Lauren's boyfriend thought he was the guy who lives on the Roosevelt island and Lauren said Kelsey is a "doppelbanger" as her boyfriends are similar. She even made a "meme" about it. I think that their wedding photo was somewhere in the newspaper because when he came to Ezra he was holding what it looked like a cut out photo of Ezra and Ava Yep abso f-ing lutely Lol. I watched the movie yesterday and said that exact thing Haha I thought it was a man too. No reason. Few months? Lol VPN? Exactly my thought. When Stacy said something like I loved you more than I ever loved anyone, I started laughing. In 2 days, you can get butterflies but that's all. I saw that episode today. It's not him. View all replies >