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Waaaahooo! This better be a hard R. I like The Rock (a lot) but... Season 3 is so good. Rating? Pg13 or R? Season 3 (spoilers) Season 2 (spoilers) Boy does everyone go batshiz (spoilers) Interesting premise Wait a second....(spoilers) View all posts >


Cosplay as Charlie Bowman’s corpse? Wonder how they kill humans so easily. Their guns are useless. 2nd amendment fail. Do you know who Heather Heyer was? Maybe I should give the 100 a try. I’m glad to hear support for both Colony and The Expanse. I’m glad one was saved, might be too much to expect both to be saved. That might make CW the most successful but doesn't mean it’s the best. That’s subjective anyway. To me personally, those things you mentioned that CW does right, cater to low brow viewers. Killing off Charlie was necessary to the story. They had to take a loss at some point so the stakes were raised. Consequences exist. I’m enjoying season 3. This is the first time I’ve seen it week to week. The Earl Swagger scenes are so well done and I usually hate flashbacks. Trum. Hope Cohen testifies. The adultery will not bring Trump down it will have to be something illegal. Watching her in the latest Arrested Development and she’s prettier than ever. View all replies >