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The characters in The Midnight Sun. Lady Bird cost twice the amount of Fast Times. Granted, it was made 35 years later. Lady Bird also grossed 10 times its budget world wide. And it got nominated for, among other things, best director, picture and actress. Love Simon Book Smart Lady Bird The Edge of Seventeen The Kissing Booth The Twilight Zone was one of the first TV shows to have an almost all black cast with the episode The Big Tall Wish. And considering Serling's life long battle against racism and intolerance I imagine he would have made more eps like Wish if not for an uncooperative network and sponsors. Most episodes of many shows aren't especially great. Was every ep of Breaking Bad Ozymandias? Or, The Sopranos Pine Barrens? I think not. You can find a plot hole in anything. What's wrong with The Lonely? Fair enough. What didn't you like? I don't think a time will ever exist when this episode isn't relevant. Possibly the best pilot ever made. Liked her in The Cake Eaters. I don't object to the character. I object to how Taylor-Joy plays the character. Many shows, arguably, were better. But it was a good show ... well, so long as AJ and Meadow were nowhere to be found. Carmela too. Crash won best picture. Doesn't mean it was a good movie. Sorry, I'm just not besotted with Taylor-Joy's mono expression.