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A missed opportunity indeed. I think her stare alone would have left Freddy begging for mercy. On Her Majesty's Service, The Spy Who Loved Me and Casino Royale are not far behind. You're probably right. I wonder if Paul tried to convince others, as Millicent did, that he had a double. And if so was he met with skepticism and outright hostility too? Paul probably ended up in the same institution as Millicent. It's also interesting to note that in "Image" we never actually observe any other character see Millicent's doppelganger other than Millicent whereas in "Pelham," at the climax, we see the manservant and "Pelham"'s double interacting. We also never see anyone else in "Image" interacting with Paul's double other than Paul. So, are the doubles real in "Image"? Or, is this a case of a madness shared by two? To his credit, Serling doesn't give an answer to this, or any other question, regarding "Mirror"'s doubles. Good call. "Pelham" is excellent. I still think "Mirror" might be a little better though because it's more ambiguous. Still, "Mirror" and "Pelham" are both extremely well-crafted variations on the classic doppelganger story ... and "Present"'s indeed predates "Mirror." Tons of Twilight Zone episodes with time loops. "Shadow Play," "Death Ship" and "Judgment Night" are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Doesn't hold one's interest the way other anthology shows like "Twilight Zone" and "Outer Limits" do. Mr. Brooks DSMR by Prince I liked "Return" the first time. Found it excruciatingly boring the second, and subsequent times, I tried to sit through it. "Titanic" gets a lot of shit and while its script is clunky and the acting occasionally laughable it is in my book pretty engaging from start to finish. All your other choices are pretty decent. View all replies >