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The gremlin segment remains a masterpiece What's the most overrused line in movies? At what age do you think peoples' looks fade? The overly pat ending really brings it down When was Jesus's name used in vain the best? The laser scene in Goldfinger and Silva's speech about rats in Skyfall might be the two best scenes in all of Bond The film dies when Severine does Reeve's Superman movies have not aged well at all That scene where Bond defuses the bomb remains one of the tensest moments in the series. View all posts >


Absolutely. Thirteen years later and people still discuss it. And whether you were a fan of Soprano's ending or not it accomplished something that's always noteworthy: it made you think. I think the people who say the shark looks good need to watch this film without nostalgia eyewear. The shark looks awful. Especially the part where it hops on the boat. Or when it's eating Quint and you can see that some of its teeth are bending as they make contact with Quint. Jaws is a well acted, written and directed movie. It holds up as long as we don't see the shark or if we do it's only fleetingly. Once the camera lingers on the shark -- like during the Orca scenes -- Jaws becomes increasingly hard to take seriously. Jaws lives up to its rep provided it emulates the best horror movies and suggests rather than shows. Although it is amusing watching Arnie try to pull off The Everyman role. Which is probably what Verhoeven intended. I skip over most of the scenes with Meadow. AJ too. ^This Did you ever entertain the possibility that perhaps the critics are wrong and it isn't very good? " … if you spend your time combing through old TV shows to identify stuff that by today's standards looks bad you're not woke you're just a douche bag." - Bill Maher You wouldn't know they'd been highly critical from that 93 percent score. How did you get "sad, lonely misogynist troll" out of the OP's post? View all replies >