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The only Schwarzenegger movie where I actually wondered if Schwarzenegger was going to make it out alive Best voice performance in a movie? The most thought provoking ending to a movie you've ever seen? Great Driving at Night Music? Movies that have the texture of a novel? Songs that start as one thing and then become something else? Remakes of classic songs that surpass the original? Hilariously misguided remakes of classic songs? The best TV monster ever? The most messed up thing in a Christmas movie? View all posts >


Yes. Incredible episode. And, an incredibly influential episode as well. Very much like "A Stop at Willoughby" where the main character retreats into a world of his own making. Or did he? I honestly think Rainn Wilson wouldn't be half-bad either. Or, how about Michael Shannon? Christoper Waltz I agree. Both great. But, I'm going with Metallic (the fact that Metallica loves Lovecraft as I do is probably what gave them the edge). Arousing "Call of Ktulu" by Metallica is some of the best music to play at dusk ever. The Road to Wellville No offense but I find her rather stiff in everything I've seen her in so far. Granted, I've only seen her in "Crimson Peak" and "The Double" but, IMHO, she didn't shine much in either role. Along with "Seconds" it's a feature length movie that captures the spirit of the original "Twilight Zone" series better than the Spielberg/Dante/Miller/Landis - helmed "TZ" movie from the '80s ever did. View all replies >