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A great song that has profanity in its title? The greatest sports movie ever? Classic movies you feel deserve their classic status? Mad Max series or Indiana Jones series? Classic movies you can't stand? Still the best Mission Impossible movie More attractive: Jennifer Lawrence or Kristen Stewart? Best performance in a blockbuster? View all posts >


He's a pretty good short story writer. "Everything's Eventual," "Night Shift" and "Skeleton Crew" are solid short story collections. "Bitch" by The Rolling Stones The Hustler Your mom sounds awesome. I really like "Wish." But it's not for everyone. Still, what a bold casting move on Serling's part. That decision alone makes TZ a highlight of the TV medium. Me neither. Season Two is a bit of a let down. Though a few eps I really enjoy. Totally disagree with the fan consensus that "The Inheritors" is a series highlight. I much prefer the likes of "The Duplicate Man." At least that one feels like an ep of "Limits." I like what Dante did with the story for "TZ: The Movie." Though the ending for the Serling-scripted "It's A Good Life" is so much better (and more chilling). One of Serling's accomplishments as a writer was he wrote more substantive roles for women and minorities in a time when nobody bothered. Get OL on Blu-ray if you can. It looks striking and is well worth the purchase. Own The Outer Limits … and love it. It deserves a bigger audience than it boasts. Some of those episodes are truly masterclasses in surrealism. View all replies >