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Perfect scenes in movies? TV in the years between The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks must qualify as one of the most inhospitable wastelands ever At what age would you say peoples' careers in show business are essentially over? A great song that has profanity in its title? The greatest sports movie ever? Classic movies you feel deserve their classic status? Mad Max series or Indiana Jones series? View all posts >


True. Another Jack Lemmon movie: The Apartment, specifically the "shut up and deal" scene. A tremendous scene. And possibly the only worthwhile scene in that movie. Excellent opening. Too bad the rest of the money didn't live up to it. The map room scene in Raiders. Annie Wilkes from Misery. Up until they solved Laura Palmer's murder TP rocked; it was unique, it was exciting, and it actually gave the audience something to ponder. Once they solved Palmer's murder the show became almost unwatchable. Silly subplots rightfully confined to the periphery suddenly got pushed to the fore.The show didn't get good again until the season two (and series) finale. My advice to anyone watching TP for the first time would be to watch all of the first season (which, you are right, is brilliant), watch season two up until "Arbitrary Law." And then skip ahead to "Beyond Life and Death." TP is awesome. It's hard to let go of nostalgia. And these shows are certainly full of that. Fun shows that hold a lot of nostalgia value for a lot of people.. but I wouldn't say any of them have stood the test of time. I'll give you Newhart's series finale. Pure Genius. Actually, TV got quite creative with Twilight Zone, which existed long before my time. Unfortunately, after CBS cancelled TZ that creativity largely disappeared and wouldn't resurface again until nearly 30 thirty years later with TP. View all replies >