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Never heard of them until this movie. "Mexico will pay for the wall" I'm not 'anti-Trump'. I just think he's in way over his head. And the person you are describing is not one of my own so why should I defend her or him or whatever? On the other hand, I'm not going to get all bent out of shape about it. I won't call you a snowflake for letting it get to you for that would be childish on my part. I go about my life knowing that what a person thinks about him/her/other/etc self has no bearing on me or how I feel about myself. Aber, Ich bin nicht deine Bruder. This (OP) is why IMDB ended their forums. Instead of offering any thoughtful commentary about the movie, Mr Satan2016 spouts a cookie cutter Fox News inspired diatribe against Hollywood. Thandi Moore was awful as Condi Rice. Thanks for the very detailed and insightful review. You don't see that very much these days. I"m not reading all of that. 1-Goodfellas 2-Taxi Driver 3-Casino 4-The Departed 5-The Wolf of Wall Street 6-Mean Streets 7-The King of Comedy 8-Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 9-The Aviator 10-Cape Fear 11-Gangs of New York 12-Shutter Island 13-Bringing Out the Dead Those are the only ones I've seen If making half a billion dollars in box office means it bombed, then yes, it did bomb. Like a spitfire. View all replies >