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How are we supposed to know where you live? You're talking to people all over the world. And where you live is not relevant to us. What do you mean right "here"? So sad... First the Murder She Wrote lady, now... Also: 1) Keeps you alert during potentially dangerous activities 2) Can be used to manage weight. People will always say "Just eat healthy food / don't over eat." But if people did that consistently, they wouldn't be overweight to begin with. People imagine "using tobacco" must mean smoking like a chimney all day, and you're dead, but "using food" doesn't mean eating like a hog all day. What's worse? A piece of cake every day or a cigar every day? If smoking that cigar can keep you from wanting that piece of cake, and another... that the guy next to you is eating, why not? Sister Emanuelle (1977) Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976) Amore Libero (1974) 71 now, according to her October 1950 birthdate! That seems to show how backwards Romania is, if every supermarket has them yet you are so ignorant. You might want to rethink that whole nonsensical "before US even existed" quip. Yes. Are you a hillbilly from the Ozarks or something? Oysters are expensive delicacies. Great film. Gimmicky or not, the single take shot is beautiful. "has [not] gotten" - interesting verb tense. Implies "since." Since when? And does this mean you've followed me? Tat's interesting, because I have no idea who you are and would have no data as to how your "posting style" might evolve over time... nor would I care. That's really interesting. Thanks, Nicko's Nose. Good content. View all replies >