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How the ginger dude got fat Michael Jackson A pan-seared post. Who Else is Psyched? Who she always reminds me of. Juno was better Spoiler: No explosion The point of the Indian/British girl? No Hispanics in Arizona? I wish they'd do a remake of Fatliners. View all posts >


Yes. Are you a hillbilly from the Ozarks or something? Oysters are expensive delicacies. Great film. Gimmicky or not, the single take shot is beautiful. "has [not] gotten" - interesting verb tense. Implies "since." Since when? And does this mean you've followed me? Tat's interesting, because I have no idea who you are and would have no data as to how your "posting style" might evolve over time... nor would I care. That's really interesting. Thanks, Nicko's Nose. Good content. Do you type this on a tablet? Good quality sound editing? Good lighting, too, I hope. And please tell me they chose a pretty good font for the credits. If so, I'm sold. It's a mixture of two genres: Jump Scare and PBS Mystery! So if a mom who who likes to drink tea and eat shortbread watching Diana Rigg host BBC shows in the evening were to do a Benjamin Button and turn into a teenager and wait until the summer to watch this, she'd be good. Do Brazilians have nostalgia for Woody? They're trying to make her sound sexy by making her sound like ur mom. What I mean is that in the original movie, the "scary" stuff was subtle -- some ghost or whatever would just appear in the corner of the screen and you'd spot it. But this one was standard dumb POV startling-with-loud-noise style. It was a stupid jump-scare movie. View all replies >