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Nope. Not the first time he's disappeared. Not a ban. He always pulls his horns in when he's proven wrong on here. And I have a question for you. You have no problem criticizing me. Why not apply that to the psychopath who was nasty to the OP here for absolutely no reason? Didn't see you taking it to task for that; asking it what it was hoping to accomplish by being a rude AH. Go try that for a while and let me know how it works out for you. Really? You mean the way they let certain posters get away with pretty much everything? The way they give some posters bans and some a wrist-slap? Don't take my word alone; there's plenty of evidence here they do just that. You always have the option to scroll past. Sorry, calling someone out for wishing you dead, then saying it's no big deal is not creating artificial drama. Whining about being lonely/hating men, accusing people of conspiring against it, lashing out at almost everyone, creating lies... THAT'S creating artificial drama. So the issue is indeed what the psychopath is doing. "So just to be safe we're going to attack any new posters" Never said that, did I? It's not hard to tell the trolls from the actual posters. "We are here, and we see it." You may see it, but it apparently doesn't make a dent with many. What's more substantial than pointing out its nastiness, hypocrisy, anger, bullshit, and constant lying? But even you still choose to sympathize with it. I'm not going to go into more specifics, because it's already been proven the mods here don't treat everyone equally. As I said, if the posts bug you, don't read them. You weren't the one wished dead. Not trying to bait it into anything. I really don't care if it responds. Just going to out every lie and Bs story it posts from now on. As dar as GK and movieboy go, you call it baiting. I call it responding to zombies. And when one makes a statement about something insisting it's fact, particularly in what's happening in the world, they should be able to prove it instead of just repeating it. First off, that comment didn't apply to you. The other poster I was referring to was ben. Sorry, Mina. You're wrong there. "What about the ones that weren't trolls? Are those considered collateral damage?" The very few who weren't proved that early on. "What is this achieving? What is the end game here?" No end game. Every time the psychopath lies or pulls its usual shit, it's gonna get called out. "As I said, it's reached the point of spamming" In your opinion. Actually it hasn't "just as you can not read Barclays responses. See how that applies to various people and situations. If all she wants is attention, why give her that?" When I'm called out, I'm gonna respond. When it's an obvious lie to garner sympathy, I'm gonna respond. I'm not the one giving it most of the attention by sympathizing with it. "if we're jumping on new posters because they've asked a question, or because the number next to their user name is small?" Again, depends on the question. You-know-who used all kinds of tacks, largely either putting down the site or starting out normal, then outing himself. The psychopath's very first post, which it has conveniently deleted, was about trolling. Others will remember. It also made a number of posts/comments putting down the site. And let's not forget the constant lashing out at anyone who criticizes it. Sorry, that's troll behavior. " The bickering has moved to Jim's threads for god's sake! " And who took it there, Mina? With a call-out post, no less? Again, no, I'm not gonna let that go unresponded to. Not really, but you go on believing that. If you do some research, you'd see the protests are nothing new at all. You just hear about them more now because of social media/the internet Cool! Margo, it didn't stop at that. Both Dazed and I reported it. It went on a tirade about how it couldn't believe it was reported. You're welcome to check. Long as it continues to call me out, it's gonna get it back. Christ knows why you apologized to an obvious psychopath, especially since it was unnecessary, but if it makes you feel better, God bless. I have no problem with the OP. I do have a problem with being wished dead, and the poster saying "So what?" when called out on it, then lying like a cheap rug and sputtering fake outrage because it got reported. Careful, Margo. It might wish you dead. View all replies >