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Not a fan of Tarantino, or Pitt, or DiCaprio. But I am a fan of Hollywood and westerns, and have knowledge of the Manson murders. I grew up in the '60s, so I really appreciated how the film accurately depicted the time. The film is very good, and I actually enjoyed the actors' performances. Would love to see it a second time in the theater. God willing. Yes, it is bigoted for the reasons you describe. I also believe diversity being a strength is a fallacy. Unity is strength, no matter what our color or heritage. What can we unite under? A common enemy? The flag? The Constitution? God? American values like hard work, independence, and freedom? I believe we've lost that in the once great United States. Hopefully it will only be temporary. Yep. That's ok. I wasn't sure myself. Mediocre seems to be the accurate word for it. Isn't it Beth who died? The "Trump, and everyone who supports him, is a white supremacist ready to kill" rants by dems and the media is what's pushing people over the edge. I've heard complaints of not being able to sleep, being nauseated, crying all the time, living in fear, etc. since election night 2016. If they would just turn off the news for a month, they wouldn't constantly be in panic mode. It's not necessary to know every horrible thing that happens in the world, except for extreme weather warnings and such. I remember when the left was saying every policy Trump proposed would cause everyone to die. Of course if you fall for that nonsense, you're going to be paranoid. Wasn't the El Paso shooter an eco-fascist wanting to lower the population to save the world? Sounds like another crazy who fell for all the leftist fearmongering. I agree the media misrepresents probably 98% of what Trump says. However, it's the other 2% that's hard to defend. For instance, when two brothers beat up a homeless Hispanic man because "Trump is right", Trump said his supporters are passionate about making the country great again. I'm pretty sure I know what he meant, but it was stupid of him to phrase it that way at that time. While I agree with your last statement, I believe leaders have the responsibility to set the right tone. Every other republican president has been labeled as racist, but it was easy to defend the ones who obviously weren't. Some of Trump's stupid statements can be easily taken to be racist and in support of white supremacy. It's hard to know what's in his heart because he's unable to articulate his thoughts. It wouldn't be so easy to blame him for the shooting if he were clearer about his motives for certain policies. I blame him for that (not the shooting) just as I blame Obama for setting the tone for the rise of racial and cultural division (not the shootings). I also believe the tone of anger, hatred, and over-the-top emotional outbursts coming from the media isn't helpful. View all replies >