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His statements could make the situation worse. He's not being a strong leader. However, it's nice to see the truth of some of the progressives' nonsensical views exposed. Progs - "We welcome all immigrants to our sanctuary city!" Also Progs - "It would be dangerous to put immigrants in our city!" Progs - "All females have the right to do what she wants with her own body" Also Progs - "Except the small, helpless ones. We kill those females because they're inconvenient." Progs - "Men are bad because they use their power to abuse women!" Also Progs - "Pence is an absolute freak because he has respect for his wife and is faithful, and an understanding of not putting oneself in a situation where one could be accused of doing something untoward." Progs - "Men are bad..." Also Progs - "...except if he pretends he's a woman, then that's awesome. It's also awesome when these men use women's bathrooms and compete against them in women's sports." Progs - "It's a lie you say we want socialism!" Also Progs - "We want socialism." Progs - "It's a lie when you say we want Medicare for all!" Also Progs - "We want Medicare for all." Progs - "It's a lie when you say we want to take away your means of self-defense!" Also Progs - "We want to take away your means of self-defense." Progs - "There's no war on Christmas or Freedom of Religion!" Also Progs - "Keep your religion hidden in your own home where no one can see it." 1. This isn't a direct quote from Bannon. Someone just claims he said it. 2. No one cares about Bannon. He's got no power. 3. Has the Pope opened his doors to migrants like he urges everyone else to? 4. What has Catholicism and voting conservative have to do with this? 5/10. Rey's part seemed silly and the rest was kind of a "Look who's going to be in the movie" video. BUT, some of the visuals were well done and the music always gets to me. Nope. She was on the panel at Celebration and there's a still shot of her in the film. The original. Sweet, humble, powerful, inspirational. Crotch-grabbing is "artistic"? Can the weirdo on the street use that excuse, too? If it's gross, it's gross. Yes, it does say something about me. That I'm consistent and I don't think certain behavior is "cool" simply because the guy doing it can sing and dance. The fact is he enjoyed grabbing his crotch in public. That's what I'm judging. The only people who know what happened behind closed doors are those people. As a child and young man he certainly had talent, but as soon as he started grabbing his crotch, it was obvious he was a creep. You're absolutely right. These people are clueless. The progressive takeover of public, and private, education is now showing its results. Thankfully, I was able to home school my kids. An example: [url][/url] View all replies >