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Universal coverage for catastrophic care. More HSAs for less costly care. The less providers have to spend on dealing with insurance, the less services will cost. They like cash. Free coverage for the TRULY needy, which would probably mean local control. California just threw away billions in fraud cases. Can't get that money back It happened to you here, yet you were able to get prioritized. Those in other countries I know of couldn't do that in their home country. The more control government has over your life, the less freedom you have. First, it's not free. We will all pay for it one way or another. Second, if we feel we've already paid for it through taxes, then we would be more likely to see the doctor for every little thing. That would mean much longer waits for care. I've seen it in other countries. They consider coming to the U.S. to get a lump, or something, checked out because the wait is too long in their home country. That being said, if there's a good solution where every one can afford to have health care when needed, I'm open. City Slickers II was pretty fun. No, Biden is certainly not that leader. I can't judge how she felt in the moment, but a mature, decent person doesn't usually promote their victimhood like she does. No, it has more Christian themes. Redemption, forgiveness, humility. Phil ultimately finds his own happiness and peace in bringing joy to others. "Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves." Philippians 2:3 The Left keeps giving government more and more power, completely clueless as to what that actually means. Those in power know, but the voters are pretty darn ignorant. Unbelievably evil. View all replies >