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The Grateful Dead - The Closing of Winterland (12/31/78) Going to see him in October... Roll Me Away Travelin' Man Beautiful Loser It was actually nominated for two Golden Globes...Cage for best comedy actor and best comedy...One of my favorites! That would be something...Shit, any kind of horror film would be fine by me... The Empire Strikes Back A New Hope Return of the Jedi Rogue One The Force Awakens Revenge of the Sith The Last Jedi Attack of the Clones The Phantom Menace Timeless film...The soundtrack and musical performances are first rate...Belushi and Aykroyd are brilliant and the supporting cast all nail their roles, especially Carrie Fisher and John Candy...It's so over the top and silly throughout which makes it one of those movies you can watch over and over again...I believe it still holds the record for most crashed cars in a single film... It will become the earth shattering experience you were told to expect...Patience, patience... Watch the show...Season 1 shows who found the money... Nice write up...I don't mind the changes to update the show for modern times while sticking to the core story...It took a while for the sole focus to be on that core story but it's been worth the wait... Hello...Just discovered this place and it seems pretty good... View all replies >