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I'm currently reading Needful Things and very close to the end of it. It might be his nastiest book not written under the Richard Bachman moniker. You could do a lot worse. I think it's great that such a fine film (and one that fared so poorly at the box office) has become "the people's choice." High Noon Shane The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Ride the High Country Seven Men from Now The Wild Bunch The Magnificent Seven Open Range Unforgiven Red River The Kids Are Alright (1979) Just a mish-mash of Who stuff and it's glorious. It covers the Keith Moon years right up to his very last performance with the band. Roger Daltrey's solo career met with a fraction of the success he had with The Who. The Who have been filling arenas since the early 1970s. Their first top ten album in the USA was Tommy in 1969 and every new studio album they released after that (and even a couple live albums) also hit the top ten, up to and including Endless Wire in 2006. They sold out Giants Stadium four nights in a row in 1989 and Madison Square Garden six nights in a row in 1996. Seeing them in London in a few months at the Royal Albert Hall. The Who The Clash Rush The Beach Boys Talking Heads Liz Phair The Doors The Rolling Stones Elvis Presley The Temptations View all replies >