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How come the little people used to run as fast Always seems incredibly nervous and uncertain... To Serve Man The old guy Mel really died... What happened to his acting career? Where can I see it? Who cut Steve's hair? Two of the cast have died of old age The show won't survive Season 8 One of the best war films ever View all posts >


Wow, well there you go. I could have sworn it was Lurch. Thanks. I don't want to be cremated. I want my body to seep back into the soil and remain on Earth and be in the earth. I don't want to end up as ashes. Horrible. Yeah, check it out again. He probably had some money in the bank as he was an architect, which isn't known for paying little money. Loved 'Lurch' in it. Haha. It was basically the same episode. I was hoping it would have been rather different. Haha. Bizarre relationship though... Being cremated after death. I want to be buried. I'm guessing the girls wore new clothes because they made them. :) They'll never trust Dwight ever again. He betrayed them. View all replies >