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What? Lol, I like his messy curly hair! It suites him I think and was rather diff from other typical Romulan hair. Typical hollywood ending is to end a film im a sad or negative note. You're preference is what's typical now. Why? Current English accents are far removed from the accents in Robin Hoods time, an American accent is closer to that accent because it is rhotic. I'm not affected by it. Mel Gibson had an Aussie accent in all his 3 Lethal Weapon films. Too bad if your lactose intolerant. I'm more interested in a prequel, the brother's story actually. That's doesn't make sense, both Marcus and William were also human like Michael with the Corvinus special gene that allowed them to transform to a vampire or lycan. Michael was transformed into a lycan before he became a hybrid. So why cant both Marcus and William become hybrids too? Lol, he gave birth huh? That's some mutation! Yeah I think it was renewed, hopefully the writers listen to the viewer criticisms. I can understand her not liking the house, in my country that's horrendous. But she really did act poorly towards him, she wouldn't help him salvage the date with either agreeing to his suggestions or offering one herself. Also her emotional outburst to where she lives is so overdramatic, it's like she never had real world problems to deal with. She's a brat. View all replies >