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,^^^This. Because he was concerned they were taking advantage or hurt the old man living in that ranch. That was pretty brave and considerate of him to do actually. Anyone else would've run away. Idk they are dirty with lice walking around barefoot scrounging through trash, high and sleeping around. Talk about decadence and sloth. Pretty disgusting if you ask me. Cruising and 88 Minutes arebhis worse films imo and I will never watch them again. Underrated? The Merchant of Venice Donnie Brasco Insomnia Phil Spector Glengarry Glen Ross Dick Tracy Finding Richard Sea of Love Bobby Deerfield First thing they need is to buy property in a remote area and get a strong cage in the cellar where he would lock himself when the moon is full. Is she supposed to be 5-10yrs older than David? David's supposed to be a teenager right? Just graduated from highschool so 18? So she's about 23-28? Like the aesthetics as well but Theron looks super Botox and plumped up here. Yeah I've seen that clip. Very disappointed in Cameron. I feel like I'm watching Rome fall before my very eyes. I didn't even bother to watch it tbh. I heard they killed John as a kid. Pls don't put the sequels to The Shining and Blade Runner in the same sentence as the latest Terminator film. View all replies >