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Because those scenes blatantly depict how unlikely a spy he would be. So his actions of getting all of them killed wo getting back info to his supposed superiors and his pooping abilities are all signs of him being a spy? There was no indication of this so it's amazing that you came up with it. A whole lot? I watched all 2 seasons. I'm not the type to give up on a show or walk out in a middle of a film no matter how horrible. I finish it and critique it later as everyone is entitled and should do. Expand your palette, you'll realize the are good and bad films. Sure everyone has a chance for redemption, but his mistakes were purposeful and easily prevented by most people with an ounce of rational and moral fortitude. A horrible film, the only redeeming factor is Delon's beauty. Faithful has the dumbest and most moronic look throughout the film, horrid acting. Tbh I don't like Dicaprio at all and am far from a fan of his but I like a lot of his films, this included. He wasn't, if you look at pics when he was a teen, he looked OK actually. What a perverted malicious thought that shows the level of depravity some people have sunk into. I didn't find Frank Sr. being distraught over the loss of his wife cheesy at all. Yeah I felt so bad for her. View all replies >