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Not true. Greg went on 1 innocent kiddy date with Carol when he was 15 and he and Marcia never went all the way. Funny Cassidy aged badly as an adult whereas the Brady kids looked better as adults. I was born in 1980 but no one thinks ns I was born in the 70s, it's always the 80s. Me too, the curly hair aged him imo and dated him to very 70s whereas the shorter straighter hair is classic at any generation. Because they have 6 kids that need parenting at home. Kids with an involved mother turn out better than kids who have parents who are too busy for them. I really like Greg's striped blue and white knitted long sleeved shirt. That would look good on either a girl or guy which makes you look like you have broad shoulders and a tiny waist. I got Greg, no idea how that happened. It's uncommon to have large families in the past and even today even when you're not rich and still able to provide for all of them. After the reveal, I felt a revulsion towards her and a sympathy for her 'father' and every little boy she used I. Her lifetime and threw away once they got too old for her. Your the epitome of the uglyness in humans, you don't contribute, you desecrate and pollute instead. View all replies >