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I also figured he was given that name when he was baotised in the orphanage hence he didn't have a choice. Also adults can choose their Catholic names to be baptised with and the only requirement is to have one Christian name so you could keep your first/second middle and last name. So it would be strange that he was forced to have that name as an adult Bec that's not how it works. Not many characters to like here esp that male prostitute who is there to just eff everyone's life. Why does the father allow his 16 year old naive impressionable daughter to hang around this dirty mouthed scumbag? Who is clearly a bad influence and now she's sleeping with some 30 something year old lesbian who looks older than the uncle even and slept with her Bec of some Japanese fetish thing she had. Sarah the hypocrite who imprisons her cop bf for cheating on her and planting evidence on a gangster yet hides a notorious Yakuza in her home and has an affair with a married crooked cop. The ex boyfriend with all his flaws and crookedness was a much better person than she was or is. And why sleep with him only to turn him in the next morning? He at least had the decency to warn her. And this daughter running away and going to bars, sleeping around when her uncle is in hiding, they're being hunted down, the grandfather is dying, etc yet she's out there to have fun period. No sense of priorities whatsoever and getting on that rooftop? Wtf? Finally the cop who cheats on his wife while his wife takes care of his dying father, his aged mother who clearly doesn't like her and is hard to live with, and helps hatch an escape plan for the gf and baby of his brother. Boy, you can't blame the wife for his cheating like many would do in this instance because she is doing all that he should be doing himself yet she shoulders his family's burden, only for him to cheat on her with some woman who is a traitor and a hypocrite. The only likable person is REI the wife. It was stupid and surprised this got a 10/10 from may reviewers who probably have never seen a single Japanese film in their life and romanticize it for it's Japanese aspects. It doesn't matter if it was stupid in t2, were talking about t3 and t2 is done and over with. Anyway it doesn't matter, Bec t3 is done and over with as well as the franchise. But that's after the fact in t3 Bec he clearly played 10 in t2 as I exemplified above. T3 John could've played 18, Stahl played the same age in Carnivale and is even younger than Furlong. True. I watched and loved it as a kid but don't remember it being dubbed in Tagalog. My memory is fuzzy on that. Wealth isn't relative, only brats who should be thankful think it is. Go to Africa or the slums of a third world country to see what poor means. The dress. She destroyed 2 potentially beautiful dresses to make a sack, the entire movie culminated to that disappointing end. If God changes then he isn't God but a mere creature. Change implies fallibility, imperfect, not all knowing. That type of theology is rooted in protestantism, void of the rationale when they stripped it off their belief system, hence why the atheistic world birthed by protestantism can't fathom the rationale with God/theology as their origin has them divided and separate. Is Pope Francis right and the apostles, the apostolic father's, and the doctors of the Church wrong? What is the rational decision here? Pope Francis unfortunately lives in the heresy of the world and instead of influencing it, is influenced by it. The dwindling of Catholicism of the West isn't because of conservatism, it is because of relativism and the weakened stand if the Church since Vatican 2 and the weak catechism of the laity and the priesthood as exemplified by the Pope. You can only blame the laity for the poor Catholicism to an extent especially since the Church and it's priests refuse clarity and rationality of 2,000 years of theology handed down by the Apostles, the apostolic fathers, and doctors of the Church. View all replies >