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It wasn't until the show premiered that I learned it was a based on a comic book and sampled it, so I understand where you're coming from. On the other hand I miss fun shows like Warehouse 13 and Eureka, so there's that. I was really looking forward to seeing Batman on the big screen especially since Superman was dominating the big screen in those days. I went out of my way to avoid any articles or advertising about the movie since I wanted to see the final product in the theater. I had doubts about the selection of Michael Keaton for the lead role as he was known primarily for his comedy and didn't come across as a leading man action star. I personally would have chosen someone like Patrick Swayze (with shorter hair). I loved the Gotham City landscape and the monster batmobile. I enjoyed the performances though I felt that Prince's music in this movie amounted to ad placement. I had issues with Jack Napier (Joker) as the criminal who essentially fostered the creation of the Batman. I don't particularly care for interconnected story lines. THe original Joe Chill story worked for me. Perfect. If I recall correctly Earth in that movie was thoroughly drowned, so no, not that severe. I'm curious about your strong response. If an american sitcom was adapted for the british market, successful or not, I wouldn't loose an wink of sleep over it. Timeline (2003), based on the 1999 Michael Crichton novel. Especially like in the early issues. She probably would have had a much better track record of adopting mortal ways if she had been able to physically distance herself from her fellow witches. This was, of course, basically impossible. Your perspective on Darwin does have some merit. He definitely preferred that Samantha stayed at home and he headed off to the rat race. I doubt most people would pass up the opportunity to an easier existence, hence my conclusions about the two of them. I don't think Endora had issues with most mortals, only the ones who drew her daughter and grandchildren away from her. She seemed to actually admire accomplished mortals and enjoyed lavish fashion and good food in the mortal realm. View all replies >