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This is the first time time I've heard of an Impaired Professionals program. Interesting. Hope they do give Wendy more story time. I also enjoy Matt Jones' Baxter character and would like to catch up with Christy's ex boyfriend Gabriel. I have found close captioning to be useful when watching British programming. I"m rewatching The Raid on FXM which runs classics commercial free if you're interested in possibly recording it in the future. Lucille Ball was Gene Roddenberry's wing man in getting the show produced. I've had a handful of experiences over the years in a home that I had lived in since 1969. I recently moved out. When I was younger I was a total skeptic about supernatural phenomena and would always seek out a nuts and bolt explanation whenever I heard a story. I still believe its important to maintain a healthy skepticism especially in this day and age where we are saturated with wild speculation. That said you are not alone in having had an experience. The reboot could work with a digital e-paper. The cat could still appear at the door but without the physical newspaper bright and early at 6:30 AM. When he is let inside he heads straight for the laptop or pad and meows incessantly until Gary (lets assume for the sake of argument that it's still Gary) turns it on and starts scanning the news articles. Gary would simply grab his smartphone which has the mysterious app with "tomorrow's news" in it when he scrambles out of the apartment so that he can check on his progress as he proceeds to change events. Because of the customized and unconventional wardrobes, prosthetics, makeup, props, sets and special effects that Star Trek needed it probably did have a bigger but barely adequate budget.That money was miniscule when compared to the subsequent movies and television shows. He's starring in a new supernatural-themed crime drama on NBC (The In-betweens) and he appears to have his English accent in the trailer which really surprised me since I've only seen him in shows like The Dresden Files and Arrow. Hagelslag. No, especially since the live productions recreated two original episodes. I suppose it also depends on which network it's shown on. I've watched reruns of Frasier on Hallmark in the overnight hours and they've actually bleeped some of the cruder comments even though Frasier was originally a prime time network show. View all replies >