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(Brief spoiler) Paget Brewster watching it on FXM right now Maybe this show I understand All 22 episodes Funny episode I know The bedroom phone Haven't seen everything she's done Season 3 on ION View all posts >


Two thumbs up on your suggestion. I latched onto the Good Wife when a local station added a digital subchannel network that carries the show. =b d= I just started watching and noticed how thirsty these lawyers seem to be. Their livers should be hard as a rock by the time this series ends. I just started watching thanks to the two hour stretch running on the Start TV digital broadcasting network. I'm read an interview where the producer felt that "The Good Wife" was probably not the best choice for the show's title. =b d= It doesn't appear that Ion is carrying season three of Privates Eyes. This is the first time time I've heard of an Impaired Professionals program. Interesting. Hope they do give Wendy more story time. I also enjoy Matt Jones' Baxter character and would like to catch up with Christy's ex boyfriend Gabriel. I have found close captioning to be useful when watching British programming. I"m rewatching The Raid on FXM which runs classics commercial free if you're interested in possibly recording it in the future. Lucille Ball was Gene Roddenberry's wing man in getting the show produced. View all replies >