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=b d= Perhaps he was the "Norman" on the German side. I thought they picked the girl this time around simply because she was older and could obviously do quite a bit more in her dead role than the youngster playing Gage. Compare what she did in this movie to the what the younger actor who played Gage in the original film was capable of doing. It sounds like the kind of reaction some muslims have about showing any image or representation of Mohammed. I think an international treaty banning wet markets is in order along with provisions to help poorer countries establish separate facilities for the processing and marketing of food products along with periodic inspections to insure compliance. Much cheaper in the long run than what we're experiencing now. I did consider the possibility of sarcastic humor on your part and should have mentioned it in my post but as you noted being unfairly accused of racism is an unpleasant experience and I was concerned that others would leap in. You have confused a perfectly innocent word which has absolutely nothing to do with race. The word you are thinking of is an adverb connected to the "N" word. If you conduct a search of the "N" word that adverb should come up. you'll note that the dictionary definition that I posted fits in perfectly with the remark that "aristide" posted at the top of the page. His posting had nothing to do with race any more than mine did. I think the producers of any Columbo reboot will have to invest some time and effort to find the right actor. Today's leading men come across as buff, energetic and sexy but Columbo is a shrewd but rather unassuming character who you could walk by and barely notice. A screen test should include the trench coat and cigar. I was just reviewing the massacre scene on Youtube. Causing slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort or anxiety. View all replies >