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Harley Quinn is Jack Sparrow Renewed for THREE whole more seasons! Are Gordon's redesigned menus realistic? Is this show being forgotten? I'm a "side sitter". Am I a creep? One complaint: No undead turning The promos that made it look like a hybrid of 24/The Shield.... I liked it, but I didn't like it. Can we get a high 5 for leather wardrobe? Men are the worst. Men are garbage. View all posts >


First person out was Natalie. Then Amber. Jeebus. 20 mill views? Well that's business then, isn't it. Definitely of flavor of the month. Hire Billie Eilish, get a Billie Eilish song. Sounds like they are going to kill Bond. A lot of Hollywood girls aren't girls. It's an ugly conspiracy hole if you want to delve down it. Evidence is compelling. It's one of the best thrillers they ever made. The fact that this was a tv series is mind blowing. Dude, WTH? I just saw it. What a bat sheet crazy random ending. I'm a huge fan, but no, Ewan is not a bankable leading man. He needs some kind of mature tv show like Breaking Bad or something, that's his lane. Yep. It's a winning strategy. Wouldn't surprise me to see her pull it off again. Isn't there a parking lot there? Like right where they dropped the trailer. View all replies >