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Love it! Watched the Trump episode... Named 2nd worst show of the year by EW. NO!! Leaving Netflix Dec. 9. So what happens now? Really liked last ep. Sal's dead. What happened this season? It feels off. When the security lady got... I don't like this show Let down View all posts >


I guess nobody is perfect. I'm watching now, it's awful. I don't get how they put out something so unfunny. I forgot about this. I'm going to check out that 20/20. Thanks! Netflix is dead to me. I heard he was molested by Yoda. How she said he was plied with alcohol and intoxicated yet was able to run all the way home. If he was that drunk it seems improbable. I'm not questioning it happening, just saying that doesn't always matter in a court trial. I hope he's held accountable for anything he's done. I just saw part of the conference on tv. Bad for Spacey but story was odd enough for lawyers to pick holes if it goes to court. Looks like more of the same. I lost it when they talked about the garbage woman in the last episode . On twitter using his name and pedo hashtags. View all replies >