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What are your guilty pleasure movies? Is anyone looking forward to Season 3? Doug and Chappie are morons... Woodstock? What's Woodstock? Where is Carol Anne's brother? Carol Anne is a bitch! Why didn't Taylor offer a ride? Girl at beginning that dies... Why? View all posts >


6.4 on IMDB sounds reasonable. It's the third highest ranked in the series next to Dream Warriors at 6.6 and part 1 at 7.5. Only one star least than the original, sounds about right to me. The kid Dylan kind makes it hard for me to watch. I didn't care for his acting at all otherwise I'd rate it a bit higher. Maybe a 7. Freddy's Dead, now that's underated! 4.9 on IMDB? That's the lowest ranked nightmare out of all of them and I think it's actually pretty good. I've been a fan of the series since I was a child. I realized right away when I saw part 2 that this series cannot be compared from part to part. Each is different. I think where people go wrong is that they don't enjoy each individual movie for what it is. Instead I think people are in a way comparing one thing or another. The feel, the style, the look, how some are dark and others are comedic etc... Sadly, people are to close minded. This isn't a "shitfest", it's actually pretty creative and enjoyable. Freddy is better than boring ass killers like Jason that don't do anything. zzz I my opinion, the kills in this series are better than in any other horror franchise. HEY! you forgot the Power Glove! Everyone's acting sucked. Probably the director's fault. Good cast and everyone was off their game. Kiefer's acting was questionable in Dark City too. I enjoy it. It's kind of a guilty pleasure. It has a great cast, but somehow it's not a "good" movie. I mean it's not bad, but it's just off. It's been quite some time since I've seen it, but as I recall Dennis Hopper was lead and his acting was sub par, really, I think everyone's acting was off. With the right director on board, this could have been a blockbuster. Something was holding it back, but I can't help but get a bit nostalgic for it. It's nice to see you guys all getting along. Sounds like things have picked up a bit here in movie chat. I'm getting a little Nostalgic. I used to hang out in IMDb's Soapbox 12-16 hours a day and it was comforting getting to know everyone. I even met a girl, later to become my ex-girlfriend there. That was a decade ago though. I'm not sure if any of the old soapboxers are here ;( I'm in Canada and got the Tubi TV app on my phone. Xfinity and Comcast not required. It is decent, but there are a few advertisements to pay for the free service. Yes, it's a good movie if you don't mind something a little weird. Good Canadian cast Here's a funny clip from it https://youtu.be/D7BJKMg_RgI To many movies play it safe with happy endings. They're over rated and are too common in the US. So many movie scripts get alerted in the American film industry sad really. I found a list of products online somewhere of food that doesn't need to be refrigerated. I was surprised by all the stuff that doesn't need to be in there and actually tastes Way Better if kept at room temperature. Do a google search, get the list, print it out and stick it in your fridge for reference. View all replies >