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It's an easy binge watch. The first season in less that two hours long. LOL I couldn't believe I watched the first season in one evening and it was still early evening when done. I just watched the first season. It's pretty good. No comparison to 50 Shades though. This is more of a Dramedy. More comedy than drama. The episodes are pretty short so you can watch the first season in an evening easily. Yes, but why? "I don't allow my girlfriend to see any male nudity in movies" Why? It was so subtle that I didn't even notice. Interesting point. I don't think Dupree had a thing for Molly. That being said, I think it was possibly a goof. Perhaps they put it in there intentionally to mess with the audience a bit, but without the intention of insinuating that he Actually had a thing for her. Haha I know right! The old soapbox was a mad house. Especially 10 years ago when I was there 12 hours a day 7 days a week. Yup, I had no life back then LOL Oh, good to know, thanks. Same here when it comes to ratings. Personally, I'd rate Bohemian Rhapsody a 6. I didn't think much of it and wonder how it's so highly regarded. Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions. I'd have to agree with you all. Same exact experience here. It's a shame that movie Chat isn't more active. I miss watching a movie and chatting about it right after, or during a movie for that matter. However, here I make a post and sometimes I don't get a reply to a post I've made for hours, weeks or months, if ever ;( It takes the fun out of it. View all replies >