Doggiedaddy's Replies

I can’t feel for her. She’s an adult who makes adult choices. Add Cruz, Rubio and Lady Lindsey to McConnell. [quote]Oooooo! they're women and need to be empowered, no matter how vile they are.[/quote] Keep in mind Vankie said "All women" has she feigns support of empowering women. She didn't say "Wealthy white women who support my daddy", but she probably meant it. She said 'all women' - so let her start empowering these four women by calling her daddy the racist we all know he is. If they're what you describe, then T-rump would be referring to them as 'very fine people'. Which one? I can't recall which ones, but I was tuned in to CNN and MSNBC most of the day, and then switching to ABC every once in a while. They were giving the same theories - he's using this as a distraction from Mueller and Epstein. I truly believe this, as he's done this all the time in the past few years. I did switch over to FOX last night on occasion, and they were discussing the 'Steele Dossier' instead of the headlines made 'round the world. Typical of them - even they can't defend him any more. [quote]The people that voted her in are morons.[/quote] Same thing we've been saying about the T-rump voters. [quote]Why would she defend these women?[/quote] Because her mission in the WH is to "empower all women in America", lest we forget. Her father has attacked these four American Congresswomen with insulting, racist remarks. She needs to speak up and defend these women from such vitriolic attacks by her father. He just moved to Area 51 with the other T-rumpanzees. I think she's shutting up at the very wrong time. If you're passionate about empowering women, and you claim to love America, you would be speaking loudly against your father's racist rant. Otherwise, you just show how complicit you really are. This is a make or break moment for her in history - and so far she has failed on every account. If she likes the US, and she's so strongly passionate about 'empowering women in America', then she shouldn't stay silent on this matter. She needs to speak up and empower these American women by speaking up and speaking loudly. Her silence shows her true colors - she's not passionate about empowering women, nor does she love our country. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! No - you fill the board with conspiracy theories you leanr from Brietbart, Alex Jones and Hannity. Says the idiot who claims the Neo Nazi rally in Charlottesville which killed an innocent woman was 'irrelevant'. Damn, you're a scary troll. [quote]Neo nazi's are so small they are irrelevant.[/quote] Wow - just wow. I can't believe there are people in America who really think this way. No - he caught a soundbite on FOX & FRIENDS, and decided to run with it on the forum here. Has no idea what he's posting or what this means for sounded good so he posted here. [quote]Its not any more racism as why Beto goes by Beto living in El Paso.[/quote] I had to read this at least five times, before I realized this is what was actually said. A man named Beto living in El Paso is the same 'racist behavior' as a President telling four minority congresswomen to 'go back to the country where you came from' ? I am reading that correctly, right ? A member of this forum actually posted this and said the two are the same, correct? Purposely - not mistakenly - posted this, correct ? [quote]A group that attacks white people and others based on their political affiliation. [/quote] Yet the group which attacks others based on their race, religion, sexual preference, gender, and political affiliation is IRRELEVANT, according to you. Do you really not read what you post before you hit 'add reply', or are you damn proud to show your stupidity to the world? I'm 100% Italian, yet you fail to see how hypocritical you are. Italians built this country with pizza parlors on every corner, but Latinos are not building this country with taco stands? Ridiculous. [quote]Neo- Nazi rallies are so small they are irrelevant.[/quote] True words of a racist. Didn't have to read anything else except your lead-in sentence. Anyone not a racist would never dare consider any neo-nazi rally [b] 'irrelevant' [/b]whether there was one person rallying or one million. Yet you prove over and over again what a true hate-filled racist you really are. No wonder you're a T-rump supporter. Hugs are always good, but not from you.