Doggiedaddy's Replies

This is like a never ending sitcom. You answered with a question. My first question has a simple yes or no answer and you didn’t answer. You asked a question about something else. More smokescreens from you. As usual. You never answered mine They really are a desperate group. Next stop is Garlands court though. If he upholds the decision of the two other courts, there’s a good chance the SC won’t bother with it. Or they will stick with the other decisions. You really don’t understand the constitution, do you? Lol!!! Are those other organizations operating under religions? 538 gives their poll numbers on a daily basis, averaged from all polls across the country. More lies and smokescreens from you. I really get a kick when someone says we're 'T-rump haters'. I've never met the man, nor has anyone I know ever met the man (except one friend of mine who's a journalist in NY, and interviewed him and Ivanka during their 'Apprentice' seasons). How can anyone hate someone they've never met nor ever had a personal relationship with - either professional or social? I've asked this hundreds of times early on in his presidency to these dim-wits, and they never have an answer. Yes, people can hate his public behavior, and hate his policies (though hate is an awfully strong word - I say I 'completely 100% disagree' with his behavior and policies), but to claim another person - who's a stranger to you ! - hates someone they never met is quite a stretch. [quote]And your comment is off topic but for the record, according to Rasmussen, the only major outfit still doing daily approval rating tracking:[/quote] Once again, you lie. Rasmussen is NOT the only 'major outfit' still doing approval rating tracking. T-rump: 42.1 % approval. And, of course, you neglect to say Rasmussen is a conservative-leaning polling group which tends to skewer their polling in favor of republicans....but even they can't rescue T-rump these days. Lies, gaslighting, and smokescreens - what Americans expect from you. I can't believe that Republicans are still standing by him, as though this is A-OK. All I keep thinking is : imagine if a Democrat was doing all this? [quote]Actually "religions" shouldn't be taxed in the first place, but at least maybe we can agree that their tax status shouldn't depend on which stance they hold on political issues.[/quote] Excellent point that I agree with 100%. Especially in these current times, where more and more clergy are becoming very vocal with their personal beliefs at the pulpit, and want to sway their congregation. If that's what they wish to do, then their 'place of worship' tax status should be reviewed. [quote]Since they are the final arbiter on how the Constitution is interpreted and not you, that means you're wrong. Your simplistic and literal reading of the Constitution is utterly devoid in comprehension of the historical context and framer's intent. Come back when you've improved.[/quote] ROTFLMAO !!!!!!! This has to be the best response to this idiot for 2019! If this situation made you have a complete on-line meltdown now, wait till you see what T-rump and Ghouliani will be facing in the next few weeks. How long before he says he 'barely knows Ghouliani' ? He'll dismiss him as the 'coffee boy' sooner or later. Your post doesn't even make remote sense. And that answers the question I asked - no, you're not. LOL! Aren't you tired of embarrassing yourself on a daily basis for all the world to see?