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Really? I find everything about them disgusting. I'd say she and krl are tied . Your answer shows what a lunatic you truly are. Oh, look again - I gave you the most appropriate answer. You chose to ignore it. [quote]I'm being sincere.[/quote] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Another vapid post courtesy of the most insipid poster on the forum. More deflection, more gaslighting, no answer. What a shock. Want to try again, or do you just give up ? Don't worry - he won't. He's a great debater - if he can mop up the floor with Sarah Palin (and he did, with such ease) , he can mop up the floor, walls and ceiling with T-rump - who actually makes Palin look intelligent. I didn't even utter the word Antifa in my post. I only asked a simple question: [b]What's Boogaloo Bois entire reason for being ?[/b] Yet you can't answer the question. You need to distract and divert the attention from the simple question, by making up something else. I even gave you a hint to the answer, yet you're still befuddled. Typical idiotic response from you. Yes, Biden - the candidate who will wipe the floor with T-rump and his raggedy hairpiece. You got it! Imagine being a T-rumpanzee, with the IQ of a chipmunk and believing all the shit FOX tells you ? Now how is he going to win the Presidency ? LOL! Imagine how the whole world decided to sabotage a moron ? T-rumpanzees really believe this which makes it even more sad. When you post the honest truth (and not the infamous 'alternate truth' which T-rumpanzees toss around) backed up with real facts, and I will take it. "Truth isn't truth!" - Rudy Ghouliani, August, 2018 "You said it was a falsehood. We gave alternative facts. " - Kellyanne Conway, January 2017 T-rump is a lifelong criminal, and his wife has a past porn career (that's wife number 3 for those keeping count). Do you find it a bit weird that their names and likeness are raised up high by the Republican party - those aware and unaware ? If sutty is backing you up, then you know you wrote a very sick, hateful post. Still no David Doran tasteless jokes to share yet ? It must be hard restraining yourself on this forum. Join me at T-rump Tower for our viral challenge photo ops! But hurry - last I heard the end of the line was in Virginia Beach, VA. It's the most popular 'viral challenge' spot ever! I certainly don't matter to the Republican party (and neither do you) so I guess it all evens out in the end. Notice how not one T-rumper on this forum has come to Mattis' defense ? They loved him when he was working for T-rump 2 years ago - they all chanted "Mad Dog!" whenever he made news. Now they don't love him any more ? [quote]Having to say it (again) means you probably don't believe your own words.[/quote] EXACTLY!!! No one believes her bullshit for one second. She's the biggest racist on this forum.