Doggiedaddy's Replies

If we're speaking of homely people, I have to say once again - Lara T-rump really needs to sue her plastic surgeon. Her face looks like a Picasso jigsaw puzzle. Unless it was intentional - maybe to scare away her father-in-law from grabbing her by the pussy? LMFOA? Wow, Nadler has really made you nervous, little one. You can't even type five letters in an acronym. He's upset because his sister Ivanka's veneers are more popular than him. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... Someone seems a little to threatened by Jerry Nadler. And with good reason - he's crushed the republicans the past week. He's the one who made the assumption from the get-go. Try again, because once again "you're a loser". Burden of proof is on Bubba. Once again you fail. Gas taxes are a constant. Prices are the variable. Doesn’t matter the state moron. You should have stayed in high school and taken Algebra. You think he’s like T-rump who wants accolades for the charity he provides? LOL! Then it backfires on T-rump when we found out it was all a scam!! What an embarrassment he is. Great news! Taxes are constant. Prices fluctuate. Idiot. They lost T-rump and his followers to OAN. I’ll try to stick with them by proxy. Looks like they lost some T-rumptards to CNN according to this thread. He can't link to his ass, where he pulled this 'fact' out of. Looks like you've been ignored for the past two weeks. How does it feel ? T-rump is now promoting OAN, since FAUX hasn't "been too nice" to him. To paraphrase Shitstorm27, "CNN thanks you for watching". No doubt, T-rump is upset about this. More proof she's more popular! How do you know they're not doing both ? What a classy patriot that Joe Heinzen is, eh? I hope the FBI is paying attention to him. LOL! "Please heal the republicans in the senate who all tragically lost their balls. And please bless Lindsay Graham with a baby that's black and gay." Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha!