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Does Pence know what "ISIS has been defeated" actually means ? WTH? Giuliani says on CNN: "I never said there was NO collusion!" T-rump's been listening to Ann Coulter's advice on government shutdown Celebrities offer to give winning Clemson Tigers a real championship meal after T-rump fiasco Checkmate: Pelosi 'blocks' T-rump from delivering his SOTU speech to Congress SO which republican will challenge T-rump next year (if he's still in Office) ? Chris "Christie Creme" skewers Jared Kushner in new tell-all book Judge orders removal of 'citizenship' question from 2020 Census, a defeat to T-rump T-rump offers a junk food buffet, while WH kitchen employees are furloughed in week 3 Rep. Devin Nunes now part of the Mueller Investigation View all posts >


The message is strong and clear. If they make a profit off of it, good for them! At least they’re taking a stand. Let’s ask Coulter to tell T-rump it’s safe to reopen the government again! Notice how quiet the republicans are on this topic? I love the way Giuliani's eyeballs bugged out. NO! Say it isn't true! Indeed! Love the fact that Pelosi 'disinvited' T-rump to address congress for 'The State of the Union' until he reopens the government - reminding him once again, that there is a balance of power between the branches of government. For the past two years Ryan had him believing this was his kingdom. A wonderful job, indeed - and they're accomplishing more than Ryan and the Republicans accomplished in two years! LOL! I love the way Giuliani can crack so easily under 'no pressure' . Home Alone 2. T-rump should have gotten an Oscar for his cameo appearance. Both. They can double task. Unfortunately, when they sit down with T-rump to reopen the government he slams the table and walks away. They're not used to dealing with a petulant child in the White House. Not even Dubya was this bad. Remember when we thought it was pretty frightening in the 1980s when we found out Nancy Reagan and her astrologer were running the country instead of Ronnie? Now we find out that Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, Piro and 'FOX & FRIENDS' are running the country - with the help of Russia! View all replies >