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T-rump shreds his own FBI director for not drinking enough 'Deep State' Kool-A December 10, 2019 will be a historical day for T-rump and his cult. "Lev remembers" - Parnas wants to testify, since Devil Nunes can't recall their phone conversations 78 years ago, 'Rhoda' was born WTF? T-rump says "Babies born in the '9th month' is wrong and it has to change" Proud day for GOP: T-rump brings 2 convicted war criminals with him to GOP fundraiser ! T-rump says Rudy 'crime fighter' Ghouliani wants to testify before Congress Nimrata Haley bombs in round two of her VP audition; causes outrage over Confederate Flag comments Barr books $30,000 Christmas party at T-rump's hotel in DC Legally insane? T-rumptard Anthony Comello uses the 'QANON' defense for slaying mob boss 'to help T-rump' View all posts >


And that shut him up again. LOL Because "hypocritical" is their middle names. [quote]-Blames everyone for their problems but themselves -Thinks everyone is out to get them -Gaslights -Burns bridges with everyone in their life -Acts like a child -Says some of the strangest, oddest and sickest things [/quote] Sounds just like many of his followers on this forum. No? I did indeed. We represent two locations. T-rump will never be #1 - and this kills him. He lost to Hillary in the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes! This eats away at him every single day. I think the same for T-rump. LOL! That's exactly what Biden did, especially since the man brought up his son. What do they think T-rump would have done if a reporter tried to go after Ivanka in front of them? I think it will do more than that. Much more. Wait and see... [quote]You were wrong about gas prices going up over the Thanksgiving holiday, doggie because every day since they went down or stayed the same. Until now, nearly 2 weeks later.[/quote] This may have been the case where you live, but not everywhere - certainly not where I live. View all replies >