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"Mexico will pay for the wall" Melania wishes son 'Happy 13th Birthday', T-rump doesn't bother "T-rump vs. McCain's Ghost" is similar to Nixon talking to dead people Ivanka wants to do away with student loans for college kids ! Mueller's team is busy this week with 'the press of other work' Jeanine 'Rabid' Pirro still on suspension by FOX Spineless Paul Ryan lands safely at FOX Corp T-rumpers, I need your help with this! Kellyanne's hubby is concerned with T-rump's mental instability Meghan McCain claps back at T-rump: "No one will ever love you the way they loved my father" View all posts >


[url][/url] Still crickets... Both republicans and democrats wanted to bring an end to the electoral college since early 2001, after the 2000 election in which we didn't have a 'clear winner' for weeks. That's when the Supreme Court overstepped and appointed our president - no electoral college was needed. Last night on MSNBC, they were explaining some of the skepticism surrounding the Mueller report coming to an end quickly (I swear they were reading our conversation! LOL). Don't know if you caught it all (Chris Hayes had some great guests discussing this) but what the bottom line was: The spin-off investigations such as the campaign finances, Roger Stone, Flynn, etc. can easily be transferred to other courts from Mueller's team. (Again, this is how Mueller constructed them from day one, in case T-rump decided to fire him.) So the Mueller report can wrap up at any time, and the other cases will be on-going seperately in other courts around the country. At least, that's how I understood this from his guests (and later on TRMS). Lol How does eliminating the outdated, antiquated electoral college system weaken protections against democracy? Do tell.. Now that he's come back under a different account, let's hope he answers! His new account: ctwdidswej [url][/url] LOL! Unless the Stone, Gates, and Flynn cases are separate from the Mueller investigation into T-rump? In other words, maybe they're an "added bonus" ? View all replies >