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LOL! T-rump gets trolled on his birthday, as Americans trend #JohnMcCainDay instead T-rump's "internal polling" paints a very miserable outlook for a second term FAUX News anchor Martha MacCallum blatantly lies during 'Town Hall' meeting with Castro T-rump tries to call Melania "Our own Jackie O" and fails miserably Day 876 and the embarrassment continues onward... Ellen L. Weintraub, chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission, wipes the floor with T-rump Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants us to remember her as 'transparent and honest' T-rump won't fire Conway because she's a 'terrific person' T-rump refuses to endorse Pence for a 2024 Presidency Why did T-rump hand pick a bunch of liars to fill the White House ? View all posts >


Should have figured you’d pull some shit out of your ass from Breitbart. I think the 'nuts' on top is when she released a statement saying she wants to be remembered as 'honest and transparent'. LOL! As I said in another post - she's better off asking us to remember her as 'gorgeous and sexy'. She might have some gullible takers then. But 'honest and transparent' ? Hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahaha! [quote]Qbertie is the James O'Keefe of this Message Board. So go ahead & read her stuff. Me? I just scan the number of paragraphs, see the sad "fascist proggie" name (clearly Qbertie doesn't know what the definitions of FASCIST or PROGRESSIVE are) & other & I move on to doing a crossword, confident that I've missed nothing of sense, importance, relevance, humor or logic. Nothing in see in the post. I move on. I let her save face. SMDH. It's sad. [/quote] Great advice! I've been playing with her for the past few days because she really is 'laugh-out-loud' entertaining. Yet I've gained nothing from her ramblings - just QAnon BS. (And nothing she posts is even remotely coherent). It is indeed 'time to move on'.... LOL! You suffer from ODS. Obama lives in your head rent-free 24/7. Sure. Whatever QAnon says. Sure. Whatever QAnon says. Sure. Whatever QAnon says. In Wolff's new NYTimes best-seller "Siege: T-rump Under Fire" his White House sources (who were only too eager to spill the tea with him) would explain how his aids would have to spin the poll numbers to make him think he's doing well. In other words, they would never present the true approval numbers to him for the past few years taken from independent, reputable pollsters (where he bounces from 38 - 42, an embarrassing place to be for approval in his third year); they would sugar-coat it with a 'FOX and FRIENDS' poll which was taken with an audience of T-rumpanzees (Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Anti-Semitics, etc.) who would praise the job he's doing as President. SO they would go into the Oval Office each morning with the latest results which had him in the top 10% of 'approval' and he would believe this, and repeat this in public. They knew he wasn't smart enough to check on the real, accurate polls which show him failing 'bigly'. [quote]The evidence is overwhelming but you people are not interested in the truth.[/quote] Show us the overwhelming evidence which shows "Obama and Clinton conspired to skew the election in HER favor and they used government resources to do it. " Americans would love to see this. Don't keep it hidden in the deep dark caves of QAnon - please show us all the overwhelming evidence. View all replies >