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T-rump explains why he lost nearly 3 million popular votes to Hillary in 2016 T-rump is mad at FOX NEWS, and he's not going to take it! Uh-oh! Who told T-rump about the villainous conspiracy the world has plotted against him? Stephen Ross still experiencing backlash from his T-rump fundraiser last week "The Mooch" fat shames T-rump, gets suspended on Twitter Pence to headline $35,000 per couple fundraiser at gay-owned private club, according to arrested chef "Obviously drunk" Larry Kudlow on FOX NEWS SUNDAY this morning ! Aides convince T-rump to delay tariffs so he doesn't kill the Christmas season #EmptySeatMAGATour tops the trending Twitter topics, upsetting T-rump NY Medical Examiner: Epstein's death was 'suicide by hanging' View all posts >


That’s exactly right. Are you trying to flirt? Ewww! Just what I don’t need - an incel who's a conspiracist! Yuck! Be on your way! You're obsessed with penis size, just like T-rump. How sad - not to mention sick. Why do strong, intelligent, successful black women scare you so much? If we take out a doll, will you show us where Michelle Obama hurt you? Very sad, but very true. Now there's T-rumpian logic. Would you have a problem if the picture was T-rump packing fudge on Stormy Daniels? Or is that acceptable for family values? LOL! Thank you for that. It's quite telling when someone refers to normal brain function as 'extra work'. Of course this includes T-rump, as much as you wish it doesn't (and I understand how humiliated you are by him). I'm curious - if she gets elected (she won't), how will she handle T-rump when he obviously tells her : “Why don’t you go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which you came. Then come back and show us how it is done.” I'm asking because you claim you've seen her speak a few times, and 'she's good' (according to you). She obviously impressed you (not hard to do) for you to be touting her today. So when taunted by T-rump for having dark skin, how do you think she will respond? Do you think she will be strong and challenge him like AOC, or will she back down and take the abuse by him and slither off to the sidlelines? What say you? And what's taking Chao so long to go back to Hing Kong and fix the problems there? View all replies >