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WINNING! T-rump Resigns! WINNING? "Trump's Grim Outlook Sinks Market" - worst first day of Q2 since 1932 WINNING! CNN cuts out coverage of T-rump comments during COVID19 press briefing T-rump does it again! Stocks close out their worst first quarter ever as DOW drops another 410 points Bewitched 'Secrets' - new on Youtube T-rump adds 28 million more people to the population of Seoul during his press conference Highlights from T-rump's "FOX & FRIENDS" interview this morning T-rump Tweet Storm brags about his TV ratings during Corona Virus pandemic WINNING? #TrumpGenocide trends as death toll surges and T-rump fails America View all posts >


Yeah - probably. But it was so much fun to post ! LOLOLOLOL! I guess I have to wait until November to write something similar...(wink, wink). Bubba and the rest of them are so quiet. I wonder why ? That's two days in a row now - not a peep out of them. [quote]I appreciate the heads up, but why can't I say Karma[/quote] Here's why: Because a few months ago, when Nadler disclosed that his beloved wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, kspkap wrote an essay on this forum about that being 'karma' for Nadler being one of the House members who wanted to go forward with T-rump's impeachment. She actually claimed it was Karma for his wife being diagnosed with a fatal illness because he voted to move forward on the impeachment. I - and many others - called her out for writing such a sick piece of crap on this forum, and she played innocent with the 'what did I do wrong?' She then scrubbed it off her post when no one - and I mean no one (not even her ilk of T-rumptards on this forum) stood up for her. Now she wants to pretend that everyone 'misunderstood her'. Beware of her - she has a twisted mind. [quote]BTW, when the Sandman writes, if you look past his frustration with the left and his not so nice name calling, he does speak the truth.[/quote] He wouldn't know the truth if it woke up beside him every morning. He's a pathological liar (like T-rump) and a troll on this forum, as been pointed out by me and others hundreds of times. Nowhere in any of my responses to you did I ever say you were a viewer of FOX News or OAN, so I'm not sure why in the world you would start your response off with that sentence. 'Gotcha questions' is a lame excuse that goes back to Sarah Palin in 2008 when Katie Couric asked her a simple question: 'Where do you get your news from each day?' Palin was stumped over a simple question, and looked like a moron on national TV, just weeks before the election. That was an easy, fair question from a journalist and Palin was a proven idiot. So Palin and the republicans pretended Couric asked a 'gotcha question'. 12 years later, reporters are now asking T-rump questions based on his own statements in his 'press conference' - quoting him verbatim - and these become 'gotcha questions' because he can't answer and take responsibility for what he said moments ago? Or questioning him on what his 'pandemic team' has proposed - a team he put into place ? Those are 'gotcha questions' because he's an embarrassing moron? Damn - you really fall for the bullshit he drops in front of you. These COVID19 briefings SHOULD be important, but again - he's made a mockery out of them, trying to turn them into campaign circuses which he's so good at doing. He's turned something which should be very important in this time of a pandemic, and has taken to grandstanding, buffoonery, gaslighting, bullshitting, attacking, and embarrassing - just like he does at his campaign rallies which no network airs (except of course FOX and OAN). CNN has done the responsible thing - they cut him out of the press conferences, but air what the experts and administrators around him say when they come to the podium. And we all know that goes up his ass a mile - he can't take credit for the 'big ratings' if he's not part of the show. Because he needs to deflect in times of trouble. It's a repeated pattern to take attention away from what's going on in front of us. He did this with the Mueller investigation, he did this with the impeachment, and now with the pandemic. The old 'Nothing to see here, but look at that shiny quarter over there!' [quote]2nd question: Why do you qualify bad news in the country such as the stock market falling and more cases of the Covid-19 as...”WINNING!”?[/quote] T-rump's campaign was based on his famous saying that once he became President, he's going to do 'so much good for the country' that Americans would become so tired of winning. He told this BS over and over again - at every rally, and every interview. 'You're all going to be so tired of winning' was his fall-back answer. Nearly four years in, and we haven't won at anything. So I wonder if these latest accomplishments of his is part of his strategy to 'winning', because to those who don't belong to Cult45, it sure doesn't feel like it. [quote]I’m going to ask a serious question. I hope you will answer as an instructor would. How does Trump cause the stock market to fall?[/quote] The answer is very simple: The same way he takes credit for the stock market to rise. If he claims it's all because of him that the market rises, then it's all because of him that the market falls. If you want credit, then you need to accept blame. [quote]All you've done is blame him for the virus, you turd.[/quote] Link to where I've 'blamed him' for the virus. I'll wait... It's like your komrades this week accusing me of always saying 'I hate him'. I ask them to link to any post in which I said those words. Everyone runs away like their head's on fire. No one can prove their false accusations. So now I'm waiting for you. Should be easy since you claim 'all I've done is blame him for the virus'....I'll wait. That's quite a liberal hoax! View all replies >