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On President's Day, Obama takes a subtle, important jab at T-rump White Supremacist Stephen Miller ties the knot with Pence's secretary Whoops! T-rump campaign manager deletes Air Force One / Daytona photo when followers point out it's from 2004! A 'Bloomberg-Clinton' ticket for 2020 ? FOX Sports Network cuts away from T-rump's opening speech, and T-rumptards go nuts! The 11 Most popular conspiracy theories Republicans believe today What's this? T-rump admits he sent Rudy to Ukraine to get dirt on the Bidens? Steve Munchkin says Dems are being 'unfair' to him T-rump accused of 'quid pro quo' AGAIN, and Republicans stay silent ! Americans ask: "Best economy ever" or a "national economic emergency" ? View all posts >


Bloomberg is nowhere near ' a lot like T-rump' - not even close! Bloomberg is a self-made multi-billionaire, from a company he stated from scratch at the age of 39. T-rump is not, in any respect. Bloomberg is intelligent. T-rump is not. Bloomberg ran one of the largest populations in the country, the tenth in the world, for three terms. T-rump has done nothing of the kind. OMG - you got it in a nutshell! LOL! No, actually it shows that you are the best known conspiracy theorist on this forum - always trying to shove something down our throats to fit your agenda. Once again, comprehension isn't your strongest skill. WOW is right. I did like Obama, and voted for him in both elections. I knew he had much to offer, but was afraid the racist republicans would try to stop in his tracks as soon as #MoscowMitch uttered those words to make sure he was a one-term President. I think history will be very generous to Obama, and credit him for all the good he was able to get done, and very fair to all the hurdles he had to overcome as the country's first black president. I think we need to add the theories which krl97a tries to shove down our throats, too. That could take up the next 11. He's going to stay low key for a while - you watch. LOL! Popcorny, anyone ? Katie Waldman must have lower self-esteem than AmeriGirl26 if she married an infamous White Supremacist. Yeah, because when we look for truth we always turn to chilone's post because she's the beacon of truth and honesty. LOL! By the way, whatever happened to your KKKomrade? Looks like she fled this forum after everyone called her out for her lies and lunacy. Dear God, but you're stupid. LOL! View all replies >