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T-rump compares impeachment to "lynching" Bill Taylor tells the House committees investigating impeachment STRAIGHT TO THEIR FACES that... WINNING! The Anonymous 'resistance' op-ed author is writing book Chris Christie, Matthew Whitaker, Wayne Berman on list of possible replacements for Mick Mulvaney Another GOP Congressman calls it quits WTF? Mulvaney on FOX: "That’s not what I said, that's what people said I said...” Winning! T-rump caves, won’t have G7 at Doral Miami Died 35 years ago - can't believe it People who die so close to their birthdays When T-rump is declared 'mentally incompetent'... View all posts >


Trust me, you need more time to heal. Take a 'time out'. Try to pull yourself together before attempting to get back in the ring. You're bruised pretty bad. DAMN ~ you beat up KKK97a pretty bad on this one. LOL! Give him time to lick his wounds. Even I laid off for a while - giving him time to heal from the bruising I gave his ego. Season 3 - definitely. My least favorite was the last season. Something was just 'missing' from it. [i]"It's unusual in the extreme for people to be involved in romantic sexual relationships with people 32 years older than they are, especially when the older one is in their 70s. "[/i] Actress Joan Collins married her fifth husband Percy Gibson in 2002, a year before she turned 70. Percy was 37 at the time - a difference of 32 years. Everyone applauded her and thought it was great - she was the female Hugh Hefner. Collins herself said she'd never been happier, and was more in love with Percy than any other man in her life as they had so much in common. 17 years and going strong, this is the longest marriage for Collins. And tonight, Bloomberg is reporting that T-rump wants Kellyanne Conway as Mulvaneys replacement. He’s been asking his top aides to “ vet “ her internally, and they’re not happy with what their finding. OK, cupcake. You can have the last word. I had enough fun with you for one day (actually for the rest of the year! your responses made me laugh so hard) . Besides, your ego can't take any more bruising. I'll give you some time to heal. LOL! I asked first, T-rumptard. LOL! Damn, his ego is taking a battering on this forum today! Answer. The. Question. Crazycruz. View all replies >