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Actress death question? Confused about actress death? Really excited,not long now! R.I.P Sonny Mark Venturini(Vic) Good movie significance of lamb? He would make a great Dumbo? underrated classic Unforgettable? more like forgettable. View all posts >


Thanks for your help :) Might be,I also found another site (heritage) that has her death year as 2000. Its confusing, its very sick if he has lied about her death,so that interview is basically a lie and who knows what part of it is true,if any of it. Let me know if you find it and what you think. Type in Google maria pechukas death and its about 6th link down My tablet is really slow, tell me if link works I watched this recently on youtube and I loved every moment. The acting was awful but that's what makes it fun. I know, maybe bev and mike but not so much the others. I found it strange too that the husband claimed she died, I think I read some where before that he said that because he was bitter she dumped him. Google needs to take off the 2001 death date as it seems to be not true. View all replies >