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Fence Jack, getting yourself killed is not gonna prove anything. T-1000's Form View all posts >


Yes, that's also common here. It remains very common in Ireland. I enjoyed it too. Much better, and more interesting, than I'd expected. She could adjust [i]my[/i] willy any time. Coming soon! Snake suspects those damn nurses are stealing his money and he simply can't tolerate another cold sponge bath, so he hops onto his mobility scooter and makes a desperate dash for freedom. Will he make it? Find out in: "Escape from the Nursing Home". I felt that 'Die Hard with a Vengeance' really lost something in the second half. The action just becomes ridiculously over the top and implausible. McClane's being blasted out of the tunnel on a jet of water, just as Zeus was driving by, was groan-inducing. View all replies >