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Think anything she's done outside of Dawson's Creek people don't give a crap about her, maybe she's too associate with Dawson's Creek and her marriage to Tom Cruise that it distracts and takes away. She's like one of those actresses where anything she's in people don't like her character at all or just don't care about her. It's a remake that everyone has forgotten about now. And it's one of those remakes like the Nightmare On Elm Street remake or lady Ghostbusters where people are like "No no no you balls it up or your doing it all wrong". And being there's only Great Britain and Australia in the remake kinda limits where you wanna go with a fake memory vacation. Think not going to Mars killed the suspension of disbelief, in a futuristic film like this you want to be given the opportunity to visit other worlds. It was just a stock dystopian/post apocalyptic Earth setting we've seen countless times. It's one of those remakes of a film that can't really be improved upon. Maybe it's because he's too goofy to be a leading man, don't know what it is but people don't care about Shia at all. <blockquote>I predicted the ignorance of casting Shia</blockquote> Shia is one of those actors where anything he's in people don't like this character at all or just don't care about him. Forcing diversity makes it seem like your trying appeal to a certain ethnic group which would alienate viewers. It's like doing an all black production of Hamlet or a black Catwoman or Jim Gordon. Blackwashing iconic characters is pointless, the only logic behind it is to make it seem really progressive. When watching something like The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air I was never feeling we got to have white people in this. The new characters are similar to the Junior Ghostbusters from the cartoon two boy and a girl, one of the boys looks Asian and has spiky hair, the girl has short hair but doesn't have glasses like McKenna Grace, the other boy has glasses. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/ghostbusters/images/4/4a/JuniorGhostbusters03.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120420092129 Also showed the fans still wanted another movie. Despite the continuing momentum I think a third movie had to have been made years earlier to create a sufficiently large franchise. His silly salute perhaps shows he doesn't have the intention to be the officer people would need him to be. You notice people who hide behind righteous indignation because project one thing like always on about being pro woman. There probably feminists who outwardly hate men who are secretly a seducer of men by posing in a sexual manner like on social media or something. They didn't feel like scientists on the verge of a discovery as just foul mouth unprofessionals. It's becoming one of those remakes that everyone has forgotten about. I don't know if it's a remake like Nightmare On Elm Street or Psycho where everyone is like "no no no you balls it up". They waited too long to make another movie to the point where Ramis is no longer around and the other guys are too old. If you want a female lead in a genre movie it's best to go with a guy/girl cast. Makings jabs about men isn't actually raising expectations too high as just attracting ridicule. Ghostbusters Afterlife has a girl buster so we weren't against the idea of female Ghostbusters, it's probably because not many people are fans of half of the lead actresses, they don't like the sight of them at all or just care about them, maybe because they're loud or a superficial thing none of them are hotties for young boys don't know what it is can't put my finger on it. With production costs it needed half a billion to be considered a success. It was pointless doing a loose sequel to Superman 1&2. What did having Freddy being a child molester add? it didn't make him anymore threatening, he was already more effect as a child killer, being a child molester meant he wasn't much of a killer to begin as just a deprived pervert. He's not the record holder he's the record.